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Woman asks if she would be wrong to bring bride's ex to her wedding out of spite.

Woman asks if she would be wrong to bring bride's ex to her wedding out of spite.


Weddings are a blast! Unless it's your ex's wedding. Then that can get weird quickly, especially if the bride and groom give you specific rules you must follow. Would you follow them or try and break as many as you can?

On a popular Reddit thread in the Am I The A**hole Subreddit the groom's ex-girlfriend asks if she would be wrong to bring the bride's ex to their wedding to spite them.

WIBTA for taking my friend's ex as my date to her wedding after I got kicked out of her wedding party?

OP is still friends with her ex?!?!? That's impressive.

My friend is marrying my ex-boyfriend of four years. It's been pretty awkward. I was kicked out of her wedding party because I was uncomfortable wearing a very revealing bridesmaid's gown. I didn't mind not being a part of the wedding party as we're not exactly close since she got with my ex.

Uh-oh, someone call the authorities. We got a bridezilla on the loose.

However, she still expects me to take on all the duties of a bridesmaid. I told her that was ridiculous and that she needed to find a new bridesmaid. She almost uninvited me from the wedding but decided I could go if I follow a particular set of rules (ranging from how to dress to who I could talk to).

The bridesmaids are encouraging bridezilla to grow bolder.

I couldn't believe it as I was still looking forward to the wedding, even if I wasn't going to be in it. I found out through a mutual friend who is still in the wedding party that the bride continuously makes fun of me and talks sh*t about me constantly, and so do several other bridesmaids.

OP found another enemy of the wedding.

I was about not to go when I ran into the bride's ex, who was invited to the wedding (He's the groom's cousin). He was also kicked out of the wedding party and given a list of rules to follow. He and I have decided to go together and have fun breaking as many rules as possible (such as wearing what we want to wear, drinking at the open bar, talking to whoever we want to, and dancing- WE'RE NOT ALLOWED TO DANCE).

The internet gets to pass judgment on whether this cause is righteous.

Nothing we would do would distract from the bride's big day other than breaking the ridiculously petty rules we're supposed to follow. We're both at the point where we're both ready to sever ties with the bride and groom. Would we be the a**holes? Sorry if this was scattered, a lot happened in the past month, and her wedding is in three weeks. Thanks in advance; I'm willing to accept my judgment!

leachiM92 believes there are no winners in love or war.

ESH (Everyone Sucks Here).

You’re planning on going to someone’s wedding to f*ck it up out of petty revenge; you have admitted you’re going there to break as many rules as possible. No matter how ridiculous the rules are, this is the bride's big day.

The bride and the other bridesmaids are AH, too, they are talking sh*t behind your back, and I can’t say I wouldn’t be annoyed by that because I would; she’s with your ex-boyfriend. You have admitted that this has caused you and her not to be as close, and now you’re planning to go with her ex-boyfriend to the wedding.

Honestly, as funny as I think it would be for you to go there and break some of the rules, it still makes you an AH.

Tweakedexplorer thinks everyone can be wrong, but it can still be fun.

ESH— Let’s be honest here. I wholeheartedly endorse your macabre plan. You’re doing this to get back at them. They’re bigger a**holes, though, and I’d dare say they deserve it.

BenPuncherExtreme has a pitch that should be considered.

ESH, but go and have her ex fake propose to you too.

OP, it would be an a**hole move, but if you're willing to deal with the fallout, do it for the drama!

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