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'Budget' bride splurges on designer dress, gives bridesmaids 1 slice of pizza each.

'Budget' bride splurges on designer dress, gives bridesmaids 1 slice of pizza each.


Asking friends and family to volunteer their labor and skills for your wedding day isn't 'bridezilla' behavior, but expecting your bridesmaids to work for a paycheck of 1 single slice is a quick way to get roasted...

So, when a disappointed guest decided to vent about a disaster of a wedding to the gloriously petty Reddit group, 'Wedding Shaming,' people were eager to weigh in on this cheap wedding drama.

Bridal party only allowed one slice of pizza after a whole day of working...

I recently attended a wedding and it was pretty disorganized. I have some sympathy for the couple as they had to move up their date a ton due to an unforseen health decline in a close family member. However, they did many things within their control that I think are shame-worthy.

They are younger and don't have a lot of money, so they were throwing a 'budget wedding.' Absolutely no problem with that, I am in a similar boat in planning my wedding; I actually have roughly the same dollar amount to spend in the same city.

However, how they spent their budget was very questionable and at the very least not well thought through. Like spending a third of the budget on a designer dress, but skipping on serving dinner. The groom is a cheapstake but the bride is a big spender so that likely played a role.

There was like 20 members of the bridal party. They were expected to be there the whole day, from 8am to midnight and also set up like half of the day before. The bridesmaids were promised breakfast/lunch, but were given nothing. Around 8pm, they were finally given pizza.

But then they were told they were allowed only one slice. Many of them just said eff it and got themselves something else as they were starving. I know several of the party have distanced themselves after feeling used by the couple. There was other rude behavior and drama and but that struck me as one of the worst.

Here's what the jury had to say...

MmPeachPie said:

20 people in the bridal party is too many for a budget wedding.

PahTayTur said:

I don’t get out bed for a single slice.

cloy23 said:

The fact that he is frugal & she’s a big spender does not bode well. Mmmmm.

Ooopus said:

Annnnd this is why we're eloping with a party/casual reception in a year+. Able to splurge on what we want and not putting friends or family out.

Note: if you're going to surprise 20 of the best friends with a 24-hour unpaid internship, the least you could do is give them enough food. Better luck next time, everyone!

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