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Couple divides wedding guests; stamps their hands; serve them different dinners.

Couple divides wedding guests; stamps their hands; serve them different dinners.


We've heard of dry weddings, cash bars, buffets that run out of food before everyone eats, and sad potluck weddings with weird mystery casseroles...but what about when your dinner depends on who you know?

So, when a disappointed wedding guest decided to vent to the hilariously petty 'Wedding Shaming' group on Reddit about the most awkward wedding they ever attended, people were dying to pile on.

Two Levels of Wedding Guests...

My husband’s coworker invited him (plus me) to his wedding. Reception was held at a big park complex with several other receptions/parties happening at the same time. Each had their own banquet room but the outdoor spaces weren’t cordoned off from each other or from the surrounding public park.

When we entered the complex building we were asked our names and which wedding, checked off a list and then each got a hand stamp. We figured there must be issues with wedding crashers.

After a bit of mingling and watching the wedding party do some photos out the windows, they entered and the two buffet lines opened along opposite walls. We got in line - noticed the servers glanced at our hands. Then I heard one tell a couple behind us that the bride's line was the other one. I’m thinking, what?!

Yup, guests were fed according to whether they were bride or groom guests. And there was a big difference. Groom’s side had choice of hot entrees (prime rib or ham), bride’s had cold deli tray stuff to make sandwiches.

It was obvious that the sides on the bride’s buffet were either homemade or grocery store pre-made stuff and the groom’s obviously higher end catered. They did have shared champagne bottles at the tables at least.

It was so uncomfortable to be sitting there eating with people from the other line. People seemed shocked. I didn’t see anyone make a fuss but we didn’t stay long - left after the bride and groom dance - before much alcohol had been drunk.

Later on my husband mentioned to his coworker that he’d never seen that at a wedding before and he said his parents didn’t think they should have to shell out for the bride’s side because her family couldn’t afford a nicer meal. I’ve been to some ‘interesting’ weddings but that was the rudest.

A make-your-own sandwich station? Oh no.

Was there an option to upgrade your stamp to VIP if you donated to the honeymoon? Of course, the jury of wedding shamers was eager to weigh in on this divided dinner drama. Here's what people had to say:

crochetingPotter said:

I can't believe this was agreed upon and actually followed through. That poor bride! She should've quit before getting saddled with those jerks for in-laws.

cardinal29 said:

Gross. Are they divorced yet?

AllOutOfF*cks2Give said:

Yikes. Probably not the best call getting married to someone who lets his family treat you and yours like this.

Interesting_Sea1528 said:

What a groomzilla!!!

Note: if you're going to stick to a strict wedding budget, it's better to serve every guest the same medicore dinner than splurge on a gourmet buffet for only half of the party. Better luck next time, everyone.

Sources: Reddit
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