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Couple who loves weed asks if it'd be 'cringe' to walk down the aisle with a joint.

Couple who loves weed asks if it'd be 'cringe' to walk down the aisle with a joint.


Sharing hobbies as a couple is a fun way to bond, but what happens when your favorite shared activity is marijuana?

Even though it's legal in many states, is it as appropriate to strut around your reception with a joint as it is to dance with a glass of champagne? Of course, every couple should plan the wedding of their dreams regardless of what any of their guests might think, but things can get complicated if you have a particularly...'unique' vision. As long as you're prepared to be the topic of all the salty secret family group chats for years to come, thrive on!

So, when a weed-loving couple shared their wedding plans, it inevitably ended up on the gloriously petty and judgmental, 'Wedding Shaming' subreddit.

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Oh no...'Drop it Like It's Hot?' The officiant is definitely correct in that it would 'ruin the elegance,' but if elegance isn't what you're after then who are we to judge?

Of course, people were eager to weigh in on this. Here's what the jury of internet strangers had to say:

IndependenceFit2928 said:

I’m confused why they are having a formal and elegant ceremony if “elegance really isn’t us though.”

Bex1218 said:

If you really want to do something pot related, take a couple of pictures with it for your personal use. Smoke with some family and friends. Have some stoner-esque music sprinkled in the music for the reception. For the ceremony, that's a little much. Even for me.

Junior-Dingo-7764 said:

This reminds of one of the Olsen twins having their wedding with cigarettes everywhere as part of the theme

O_OLeek_1739 said:

I smoke a lot but to incorporate it that obviously into your wedding is just....

RiskyLady said:

Goddamn that’s trashy, and I’m not against weed at all

Well, the people have spoken and the verdict is...they hate everything about it.

Still, it's this couple's day and if that's what makes them happy then they should go for it. Who doesn't want a waft of weed stinking up your fancy formal attire?

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