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Bride and groom don't accommodate dietary restrictions; 25 plates are sent back.

Bride and groom don't accommodate dietary restrictions; 25 plates are sent back.


Vegans and vegetarians often get a bad reputation for being snobby, preaching, or overall judgmental dinner guests...

However, if you plan to invite a large group of plant-based friends to your wedding, you should probably plan on offering a meat-free dinner option. So, when a stunned guest decided to vent to the gloriously petty 'Wedding Shaming' group of Reddit about a vegan wedding disaster, people were ready for the juicy gossip.

Bride doesn't take dietary restrictions for her wedding with around 25 vegans/vegetarians...

I attended a wedding a few weeks ago for two of our friends who are 'vegans.' I say this in quotes because they preach veganism and everything that goes with it but they do eat meat and various dairy options pretty often.

They even had various meat-related items on their registry like 2 mussel cookers, a meat masher, and various tools for eating crab/lobster. We love them just the same but this is important to the story.

When we got our invitation there was no meal designation so we assumed everything would be vegan. No problem, my partner and I enjoy vegan food so we arrive excited.

When we got to cocktail hour and there was a huuuuuge spead of meats and cheeses and various meat-based apps. Everything tasted great but made us wonder what we were getting for dinner.

We seat for our plated dinner and begin chatting with a couple at our table. They are vegans so they said since they couldn't eat much at cocktail hour they were pretty hungry. As dinner was being served, my partner and I were first to get our entrees, duet-plated chicken and a filet of beef.

The couple next to us begin to panic a little so they ask the server if she could have the veggie option before she brings out their meals. The server apologized told her there is no veggie option and everything on menu was some sort of animal or dairy base (even asparagus was cooked in animal fat and the mash had butter).

Even worse, they were not the only ones, at least one person at every one of the 16 tables was vegan/vegetarian or had major food allergies that the couple never reported so they went hungry while the bride and groom ate their filets.

After the bride finished eating, so many people had went up to her talking about their issues, she went into the kitchen and yelled at the caterers for not accommodating her guests.

We could hear everything. It was so uncomfortable afterward about a quarter of the guests just left before dancing. We stayed intending to close it out and dance, I took the weekend off so may as well enjoy it but the bride and groom had strict instructions for the DJ: no requests.

It was all alternative emo music. Kinda hard to dance to so we thanked the couple and left early. Not only was the bride negligent on preparing the caterers for all the dietary restrictions but then yelled at them for it, and from what the server told me roughly 25 plates were sent back untouched and thrown away.

Here's what the jury of wedding shamers had to say about this catering disaster...

maybe_kd said:

Do people forget why there are guests at weddings? You want these people to celebrate your special day. Yes, the day is about you but these people are spending their time and money to share in that day with you because they care for you. They are your guests so treat them as such and accommodate their needs. Good lord.

goosekitten71 said:

As a caterer the food was that is brought to the venue is based on what is ordered. However due to experiences like this where we were not told about dietary preferences or allergies we usually bring a few entrées that are vegan and likely gluten free just in case.

Flashy-Experience-25 said:

I would have left too if I couldn' t eat the food.

audientvoids said:

As a vegetarian, I would also never go to a wedding ASSUMING vegetarian food would be served and not bringing snacks or eating beforehand. There’s no way that none of 16 vegans tried to confirm the food options with the bride/groom before the wedding, lmao.

CoconutOilz4 said:

It seems like they wanted to just do their own thing...why out people through that? So inconsiderate.

Note to all phony vegan couples getting married...always provide at least one plant-based option to avoid yelling at your guests/wasting the food you paid for/letting hungry guests get accidentally hammered from drinking on empty stomachs.

Sources: Reddit
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