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Coworker discovers she was only invited to destination wedding to be an assistant.

Coworker discovers she was only invited to destination wedding to be an assistant.


Attending a destination wedding can be an expensive and exhausting journey of wrinkly formal attire in the carry-on bag, overpriced hotel rooms, and trying to 'make it vacation'...

What happens though when you're only invited to be an unpaid staff member for the bride and her entitled little squad? So, when a former friend and coworker decided to vent to the gloriously petty 'Wedding Shaming' group of Reddit, people were dying for the details.

Bride invited me to the wedding and treated me as an assistant...

So a couple of years back, I (F30) reconnected with a work friend (F30). We were close back then and I was genuinely happy to hear she's getting married. She told me it was a destination wedding and invited me to it. I told her I'm happy for her but I don't think I'll be able to come as I don't own a car and the place is an 8 hour commute.

Plus I have grade school kids at home and I don't think I can afford to hire a sitter. It was during a moment in my life that my small business is just starting to grow and all extra money that I have, I invest in it. Also we're in a country in Asia, and spending a lot to attend to a wedding isn't exactly the norm.

Fast forward to a few weeks before the wedding and bride insisted I come to her wedding (the cheapest hotel was roughly $150 a night) and transpo will be around the same as well.

I told her I really can't and I'll be more than happy to send her my gift. She said why don't you make my bridal robe (and around a few more for her entourage) and that she'll pay for the hotel we'll be staying at instead.

And that I can bring my kids with me as she knows I can't leave them at home. I said yes and made an appointment with her to come to my studio for a fitting thrice but she stood me up at each appointment.

So I used our standard size instead as time is a bit tight at this point. I was able to make a total of 9 robes, each one approximately around $50-100 if you try to buy them outside. I was happy with the outcome and she told me to bring it to her wedding the night before.

My kids and I went to the hotel she specified and I was thinking of leaving my 12 year old at the hotel as the ceremony will be at night. Lo and behold, the hotel room has 3 beds and staying in it was 6 of her current workmates. They told me my kids and I can sleep at the floor.

I was too tired from our 8 hour bus trip to go to her at this point and was on the edge of crying so I took out our jackets and a spare blanket and used it to sleep at the floor. Her workmates were eyeing us the whole time and told us to stay away from their bags.

In the morning, I was surprised when I learned from one of the people who was staying in the room that they were informed I was a wedding supplier, not a friend that's why they were apprehensive to talk to me. I didn't want to cry as my kids were there so I asked my kids if they are still ok with the wedding. They said yes and I left them for a bit to deliver the robes at the bridal suite.

Bride fitted the robe and made several remarks how long it is (it's supposed to be a bit long for photo purposes and can easily be adjusted). She also complained that I should have made two special robes and not just one plus the other entourage robes as her mother needs a robe as well.

She was yelling at me while the groom looks a bit ashamed of this and told her it's ok. Before I left the room, she told me that the wedding favors for their entourage hasn't been packed yet and if I could finish it. I told her ok, I'll finish packing and assembling everything which took around 2 hours.

After packing everything, I went back to my room, changed into my travel clothes and prepped my kids to go. I didn't attend the ceremony and just spent the day at the area to visit a few tourist sites with my kids.

At least I'll be able to come home with good memories with my kids instead of the nightmare that happened. Never spoke to the bride again and blocked her on social media. Good riddance.

Of course, the wedding shamers were ready weigh in on this epic entitled bride drama. Here's what people had to say:

kimuracarter said:

What? Why...why did you stay and assemble the things! She treated you like trash! She deserved nothing! This is unreal. I'm so sorry this happened to you.

yachtiewannabe said:

I'm glad you didn't go to the wedding and instead spent the day with your kids. She is a real piece of work.

Munbeam19 said:

I’m glad she’s a former friend. She treated you like a servant.

HipposPoopFunny said:

Do not let people treat you like that in the future!! I hope your business does amazing!

Hopefully this bride's next wedding will be an elopement? Good luck, everyone...

Even if they thought you were wedding help, the other guests had no reason to treat you any differently than another guest. Sounds like the bride and her friends are really low class.

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