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Coworker gossips about the bride at the wedding, causes a drunken scene, quits job.

Coworker gossips about the bride at the wedding, causes a drunken scene, quits job.


If you're going to trash talk someone at their own wedding, you could at least wait until you're no longer in the middle of the dance floor...

Weddings can unfortunately bring out the worst in people whether they're close family members of casual workplace acquaintances. So, when a frustrated bride decided to vent about her coworker starting drama at her wedding, the gloriously petty and judgmental members of Reddit's 'Wedding Shaming' were dying for the details.

Getting sh*t-talked behind my back by a crazy co-worker at my wedding...

I (26F) just married the love of my life (29M) 3 weeks ago. Now this will be a long-ish post as there are a few things that happened before the wedding that should be noted. My co-worker Betty got out of a toxic relationship.

I gathered a group of people including hubby to help her move out and my workplace found accommodation for her that was fully paid for. We all did our best to help her out and even took a few of her shifts at work.

Everyone from my workplace is not originally from the city we live in so we do our best to treat each other kindly. We checked in on her multiple times and went to her place to see her and would constantly ask her is there was anything we could do for her.

Fast forward a month. As mentioned, we all get on pretty well. I especially get on well with 2 co-workers Ashley and Bruce, they hang out with me and my hubby a couple of times a week. We consider each other family. For my bachelorette, I decided it would be fun to go away for a few days.

I only invited Ashley and Bruce as we needed other staff to be working during that week. I spoke to my manager and he could only approve 3 of us to be away at any one time. Because of this, I did not bother to invite anyone else.

Around this time, Bruce gets offered a new job, and Ashley and I were offered a promotion. We spent our trip celebrating my soon-to-be marriage, our new jobs, and our friendship. We return from our trip with 3 weeks to go before the wedding.

As Ashley and Bruce get on well with hubby, they were both quite involved in the wedding day. It was a small Town Hall affair. We only invited family and a few important people to the ceremony. However, we did invite all of our co-workers and friends to the reception.

Hubby and I are not super traditional so we decided not to have groomsmen or bridesmaids, but we did have 2 witnesses on our special day. A week before the wedding, Ashley tells me that Betty has decided that she and all of my female co-workers would be my bridesmaids and that they should buy matching dresses for the occasion.

I found this odd but did not say anything about it as Ashley (my witness) had already picked out a dress to wear. All of my female coworkers found this strange as well and told me and also proceeded to pick out different dresses and not follow along with Betty's idea. Thankfully.

Bruces' last day at work was set to be 2 days after the wedding. As per work tradition, we gave him a card, and a gift and did a leaving party for him. This was all done the weekend before my wedding as all of my co-workers agreed that the week of the wedding would be hectic and would not be the best time to do his leaving party.

That same week of the wedding, Betty gives a week's notice at work. Our contract strictly states that we are to give a month's notice. This would cause disruption, as it would push my and Ashleys, start dates for our promotion so we could train in new staff as well as cover shifts for Betty.

As Betty has taken more holiday than she was entitled to, due to her giving notice, she was asked to come in for just a few hours to work off the holiday days she had taken. She accepted.

Now we get to the day before the wedding. I had sent out 2 separate sets of invitations. One for the ceremony and reception and one for just the reception. All of the guests that were not invited to the ceremony understood that it was due to a lack of seating available at Town Hall.

So, the day before the wedding, Betty announces to the whole staff that she was so sorry she could not attend the ceremony as she had a prior commitment. Everyone went quiet as it was understood that all of my coworkers were only invited to the reception, including Betty. Awkward silence. Again I didn't feel the need to say anything as it was still according to the original plan anyway.

The ceremony goes perfectly and we get to the reception. We ordered pizza to feed everyone and it was all gone about 2 hours into the reception. We also put a couple hundred on the bar, so the first few drinks were paid for everyone.

Then, shows up Betty. She complains about how there is no food left, and that she had to pay for her own drinks even though she arrived 2 hours late to the reception.

She proceeds to get wasted and starts asking Bruce to come home with her because he is such a great guy and stable and so respectful. All of which is true. She was loud and obnoxious and was asking everyone for drugs the rest of the evening.

She's always loud and the center of attention when she gets drunk. I was over it and didn't even bother being upset about it the rest of the night because I was having the time of my life with my new hubby.

I had a whole week off for my wedding so I had no idea what drama had happened at the reception. At the reception Betty, had started telling another coworker Isabella about how none of us were good friends to her because we did not get her a leaving present and organize a leaving party for her. She started talking about how she had been so loyal to us and we never gave her the same in return.

She was upset that she was not invited to the bachelorette or the ceremony. She said that she didn't owe any of us anything and that she would not be showing up for her last week at work. She also said that one of our other coworkers Eric was an awful person because he never asked her about how her relationship ended.

Now I know Eric quite well. He is a true gentleman. And I was there when he asked her how she was doing and she told him she didn't want to talk about it. Being the respectful guy that he is, he didn't ask her again.

Keep in mind, she has not even done her last shift at our workplace. It is customary to give the gift on the last day, and we were already making plans on what to get for her and where to celebrate her leaving party.

This soured everyone's feelings toward her and none of us were interested in participating. We all decided that we would take the high road and as she had been there for a year, we should acknowledge her time with us by giving her a card and a gift.

During her last week here, she did not even acknowledge any of the other staff's presence. She was making major mistakes and was not very professional toward the customers. I would have to come in the next morning to correct all of her mistakes.

That is on top of training new staff and trying to be trained in my new role. We asked her not to come in on her last day as it would only cause more work for us due to her bad behavior. I come in the day after her last shift to find her card in the bin and that she had left behind her gift. And that was the end of Batty.... I mean Betty ;)

Of course, the jury of wedding shamers was ready to weigh in on this one. Here's what people had to say:

True_Resolve_2625 said:

Sounds like her 'toxic' relationship that she got out of may not have been one-sided.

effinnxrighttt said:

Yikes on bikes girl lol. Betty sure is something! Congratulations on your wedding! And the Betty free work place too.

Hershey78 said:

She sounds exhausting. Good riddance.

ennovyelechim said:

My first marriage when I was 20 went wonderfully. we had a great day and left after the afternoon reception to go on our honeymoon. We had two blissful weeks away patting ourselves on the back for everything going so smoothly.

Turns out all of the guests stayed on to party, and a couple of hours after we left, my dad and brother got into a fist fight over who was due to buy the next round. The ridiculous thing was they were actually arguing because each thought they were due to pay.

It's the only time I know of that they ever hit each other, and neither of them were fighters, so I've no idea what the heck happened. We were stunned when we found out because that is not the sort of thing that happened in our family circle.

Pianowman said:

Betty is her own worst enemy.

Good luck at the next gig, Betty...

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