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Coworker's plus-one to wedding is her puppy, lets him growl through vows.

Coworker's plus-one to wedding is her puppy, lets him growl through vows.


We've heard of guests showing up in white lace gowns, parents bringing their screaming babies to strict child-free weddings, and family members writing in an uninvited plus-one, but what about when your crasher is a cute canine?

So, when a shockingly chill but slightly confused bride decided to vent about a slight interruption on her and her wife's wedding day, the people of 'Wedding Shaming' were ready for the tale.

My Coworker Brought Her Puppy to my Wedding...

Some Backstory: My fiancée and I have known each other for almost a decade, and after Covid disrupted our original plans for a February wedding in 2021, we decided spur of the moment to marry on our six year anniversary this year at the beginning of June. We did most of the work ourselves to keep costs low, and one of my coworkers (the office manager) offered space in one of our office buildings to use for the ceremony and reception.

We only have 25 or so attendees, so it's a relatively informal affair, but I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off for the past two weeks trying to get final details in place and despite my efforts to 'stay chill' I'm starting to feel the last-minute stress.

10am on the day of the wedding, 8 hours before the ceremony begins, I receive a text message from my coworker, who I will refer to as Alice for the sake of the story. Alice's text message reads 'I'm sure you know I'm bringing [dog's name], just a heads up.'

I do a double take and re-read the message a few times in disbelief. Not wishing to start my day off with this type of confrontation, and having much more important things to focus on, I assume that she will have the courtesy to leave him in the back office or garage for the ceremony (not an unreasonable feat, the ceremony itself was barely 20 minutes).

I knew she was coming straight from work, so in theory I could understand why the puppy would be accompanying her. I cheerfully reply 'I'm sure he will look very dapper!' and continued my scramble, holding the thought in the back of my mind until I can get to the 'venue.'

I arrive at my office about half an hour or so later, and because I've done most of the decor ahead of time it's just a matter of putting the final touches on everything. Since it's a work day (we were married on a Tuesday lol) two of my coworkers are already there at work, so I make a beeline for their desks and explain the dog situation, asking if they could assist me by ensuring Alice doesn't try to bring her dog INTO the ceremony.

Something important to keep in mind is that my fiancée doesn't like strange dogs, so I can already imagine her distain at the thought of one at the wedding, however cute he may be.

Fast forward to about ten minutes before the ceremony is supposed to begin: I'm finally in my dress, a coworker kindly offered to curl my hair (I'm very low maintenance, I was planning on putting it in a half bun), I've gotten my minimal makeup on, and decided that I don't have time to paint my nails after only managing to get a single hand of clearcoat done.

Myself, my fiancée, and the rest of our wedding party are waiting in a back room preparing for the start of the ceremony when out of the corner of my eye I see Alice walking her puppy past us and into the seating area. My eyes bug out of my head, but at this point there's nothing I can do, the music is about to start, my father is taking my arm, and the ceremony is beginning.

The procession starts without a hitch, but to my horror, as I get about halfway down the aisle the puppy starts growling around the toy Alice has forced into his mouth in an attempt to placate him.

He continued to make these weird throaty growling sounds through the ENTIRE ceremony, and not once did Alice consider removing him, even after I took my eyes off my future wife for a moment to give her the 'get him out of here' side eye. I was mortified, and the moment my new wife and I were alone I apologized to her profusely for the situation.

Fortunately, we were able to share a laugh about it, and our memory of the day is flawless BUT to add insult to injury, Alice skipped out on the reception and left immediately after the ceremony. Everyone in attendance was in a general state of disbelief about her decision, but nobody mentioned it out of politeness - I think we all wanted to pretend it never happened.

Alice apologized for the disturbance the next day, and I don't hold a grudge but I still can't wrap my mind around her decision - I love the puppy to death, however, and he has been forgiven entirely for his disruption and given kisses.

My wife and I are approaching our first month as a married couple, and everything is a constant delight; I'm very grateful that we can laugh about it and didn't let it spoil our special day.

Of course, the jury of wedding shamers was eager to weigh in on this surprise plus-pup. Here's what people had to say...

CherryCool000 said:

That is absolutely bizarre. I’m so glad you and your wife were able to laugh about it in the end, but I would LOVE to know Alice’s thought process behind this decision. Have all the weddings she’s ever been to had dogs as guests? Or has she ever even been to a wedding?!

10sharks said:

Super bad (and weird) form for the coworker to bring the puppy; just really an odd decision on her part. I wonder if she skipped out after because she was embarrassed...

That said, it'll be one of the little things you guys will be recalling and laughing about 20 years from now. I'd venture to say it's better that it happened, because it'll be a funny memory. That scenario could have ended much worse than a little growling...

Hunnysucko said:

I’ve been to weddings with crying babies that the parents don’t bother to remove themselves and said child from. Simply selfish and rude. There is always one at every wedding!

[deleted] said:

It's super odd though that you just didn't let her know that her dog wasn't welcome at your wedding, given the rudeness of her text the morning of? Like its so lucky that you and your wife are already able to laugh at it and it hasn't ruined your memories of the moment.

But you literally preferred to risk that, you and your partners wedding happiness, rather than reply, 'not ok sorry! Especially asking morning of, I'm incredibly stressed out as is. Hoping you'll still be able share in our joy later :) Please direct any other wedding inquiries to literally anyone else.'

Nizz03 said:

Because of your response to her text about the dog, I don’t see anything wrong here

So, there you have it!

While people were slightly divided here on whether or not this guest was downright rude or slightly misunderstood, most people agreed that she landed directly in rude territory when she refused to remove her dog from the ceremony. Note: if you must bring your pets to a special event, make sure to train them first. Nobody wants their coworker's emotional support puppy growling during their once-in-a-lifetime day.

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