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People react to bridezilla asking mom to contribute more money to 'inexpensive wedding.'

People react to bridezilla asking mom to contribute more money to 'inexpensive wedding.'


How much money should parents be expected to contribute to their adult children's weddings now that we've retired dowries of goats and 'the bride's family pays for the entire wedding?'

Considering many couples are choosing to get married much later in life, is it appropriate to expect retired parents to pick up the tab for a massive, extravagant fancy resort hotel wedding? So, when a screenshot of a bride's rant ended up in the gloriously petty and judgmental Reddit group, 'Wedding Shaming,' the jury of shamers was eager to unpack this mess.

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Yikes...what's the word for a bridezilla who is more of an entitled, greedy demon than a detail-obsessed brat? A money monster?

Of course, people were ready to tear her apart. Here's what the jury of wedding roasters had to say about this tone-deaf rant...

my-pal-foot-foot said:

At least she knows her mom isn't a 'money bank.'

No_Albatross_7089 said:

I can't imagine admitting you don't have a good relationship with your mother, saying the mother already put $800-900 towards the wedding, and then also saying that you'd wish she offer to put enough money for a deposit for anything in the same post. Make it make sense. Also, it's YOUR wedding so YOU should be paying for it, not expecting handouts because it's more than you can afford. Idiot.

DancinginHyrule said:

Radical idea: have the wedding you can afford

Appeltaart232 said:

“Christmas money I get from grandma” sounds like the bride is 18 years old or something.

ordinaryhorse said:

“It’s not an expensive wedding.' But can’t afford it somehow.

So, there you have it!

Everyone agreed unanimously here that this bride needs a severe reality slap and a quick flight back down to planet Earth before asking her mom to contribute any more money than she already has. Good luck, everyone...

Sources: Reddit
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