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Bride and groomzilla plan wedding they can't afford; beg friends to 'donate' labor.

Bride and groomzilla plan wedding they can't afford; beg friends to 'donate' labor.


While it's usually a bad idea to judge how your friends spend the money you know they don't have, it's important to draw some boundaries when it comes to volunteering too much of your time and energy to a wedding...

Just because you're a professional photographer doesn't mean you're willing to shoot and edit and entire wedding's worth of photos for free...especially if that won't even be considered your wedding gift.

So, when a frustrated wedding guest decided to vent to the gloriously petty and judgmental group, 'Wedding Shaming,' about an entitled bride and groom from the depths of the seven 'Zilla seas, people were eager to contribute to the roasting session.

Entitled Bride and Groom plan a wedding they cannot afford and burn bridges through their guest list...

My Hubs works making wedding films for a living so I have a ton of wedding stories to share. This by far is my favorite mostly because I knew the couple who was getting married (a couple that he was shooting the wedding film for).

So the couple in question got engaged their senior year of college. Both not in good financial situations, didn’t have jobs lined up for after they graduated, and their parents weren’t in good financial situations. They insisted that they wanted to beat their friends who were also getting married to the altar so they insisted they couldn’t wait a year to get married so they would be more stable.

Which is fine if they wanted a small, affordable wedding. But no, the Bride-to-Be (BTB) wanted a lavish expensive wedding that they couldn’t afford. Found an expensive venue for the ceremony, bought a photography package that cost $10,000+, and rented a Rolls-Royce for their departure that she bragged about how it cost them a pretty penny.

BTB and Groom-to-Be started calling their friends up and started asking if they could help pay for their wedding. Not in place of a wedding gift. But in addition to a wedding gift, my Husband was called and asked if he would donate his film services for free “as a favor to a friend.'

He knocked off $200 of the original price, because he’s nice. But refused to give them a free film. This ended up in smack talk that “we weren’t good friends and didn’t love them.”

Which didn’t bother me much because most people knew we were acquaintances NOT really friends

Other things they spent money on but could have forgone to save money?

a rehearsal dinner at a 4 star restaurant with 5 courses, headshot sized canvas pictures of themselves sent home with every rehearsal dinner guest (yes we were invited to the dinner...

A honeymoon to a 5 star resort in Hawaii (even though they were already in a lot of debt), a guest book with professional photos done (which included intimate pictures of themselves in it), flowers for the bouquets and centerpieces flown in from Hawaii, and what the bride convinced people was a $5000 wedding dress.

Don't worry, it gets worse...

Day of the wedding: bride turned into bridezilla. Was yelling at photographers and my husband after the ceremony of what kind of photos she wanted and when. Cried because the wind was blowing leaves into the train of her dress. And started yelling at her bridesmaids because they weren't blocking the leaves or the wind from messing up her pictures.

Ended up going 1.5 hours past their scheduled arrival time at the church. No cocktail hour so all the guests were sitting at tables hungry and bored. I guess the Bride had told the DJ that no matter what to start releasing tables to serve themselves dinner at a certain time. So DJ did what she said.

That’s when the wedding party showed up. Bride started yelling at the bridal party and DJ (loud enough for everyone to hear) how they were ruining her wedding because now everyone wasn’t in the reception area to see her make her grand entrance.

Fast forward to the open dance floor.

The groom ended up dancing and ripped his rental tux jacket, tried to hide it from the bride, and got his mom to sneak him out by the bathroom to help him sew it back up as it needed to be returned the next morning.

He didn’t want to set his bride off so they didn’t tell her. I’m sitting outside for fresh air because the reception hall got a little too humid and hot. Bride comes storming out, “where’s (grooms name)?”

No “hi” or “thanks for coming to my wedding” just her aggressive question. Not wanting to get between the bride and groom I just shrugged. “This is one of our songs and we NEED to dance to it at MY wedding.”

She continues ranting about how important 6-7 songs on their playlist were and how they needed to dance to every single one. I responded with “but you guys will be married till death do us part now so you’ll have all your life to dance to those songs. So it’s okay if he misses one.” She rolled her eyes and said “you don’t understand because you had a lame wedding.”


What I didn’t tell her was that a lot of the aspects of my wedding she had copied. Literally some of our mutual friends mentioned to me that her wedding seemed like a watered down version of mine and my husband's.

I also could have mentioned how she shouldn’t talk to someone who she asked to pay for her wedding in such a condescending and entitled way. Needless to say if I see either of them at the grocery store and they mention how they’d love to come over for dinner I give a smile but promise nothing.

Of course, the jury of wedding shamers was ready to weigh in on this disaster. Here's what people had to say:

ikhsid said:

I wonder how far in debt they are. And they’ll probably get divorced within 5 years as well as file bankruptcy or just be miserable together. The bride sounds absolutely miserable and the groom sounds like someone who can’t stand up to his partner.

NBG1999 said:

What’s the point of “beating” others to the altar? What do they gain from that? It’s not NASCAR, it’s a marriage.

TinaLoco said:

I feel downright cheap after reading this. My rehearsal dinner was catered by Panera in the church basement and I made the bridesmaids’ bouquets from silk flowers I bought on clearance.

Professional_Ad6086 said:

Are they going to ' beat' all their friends to be the 1st to get divorced?

thedamnoftinkers said:

I guess someone bought into the 'perfect day' nonsense. I'm just sitting here chuckling to myself at the idea that her bridesmaids could block the wind. teehee!

Attention people who hope to marry: nothing's perfect in this world & that's okay! (just remember that, as you take in the wedding industry advertising- think how you'll feel if you spend $10K on some aspect, say catering, flowers or cars, and they're not perfect?)

ThrowawayPrincess75 said:

A over the top wedding?! And in mountains of debt?! And being an absolute pain in the neck to everyone?! Yeeeaaaah...I don't expect that marriage to last very long. I'm going to give it 2 years max. 'Sigh' I will never understand why bridezillas always make their weddings all about themselves.

The marriage and wedding is about the bride AND groom. It's about celebrating the start of marriage and cementing a love story/love match or at least an intensely sweet friendship, but above all bringing two people in holy matrimony. Sorry if I sounded too sappy. Just had to get it off my chest.

So, there you have it!

Everyone agreed unanimously here that this couple is an entitled mess and they deserved a few awkward hiccups at their wedding. Better luck next time everyone (as there most likely will be a next time)...

Sources: Reddit
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