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Entitled groom expects guests to pay for wedding, bride holds 'emergency' meeting.

Entitled groom expects guests to pay for wedding, bride holds 'emergency' meeting.


Weddings are criminaly expensive and it can be a massive disappointment when you realize that the wedding of your dreams is hilariously out of your budget, but charging guests to attend isn't a classy solution...

So, when a frustrated brother-of-the-groom decided to complain to the beautifully salty crew on Reddit's 'Wedding Shaming,' people were eager to roast this tacky couple.

Entitled brother expects guests to pay for his entire wedding...

I want nothing to do with my brother and his fiancé. They have done plenty of things over the years which have resulted in family and friends going bo contact but that's a whole load of other stories.

They were due to get married next weekend, they've had to postpone it. The thing that pissed a lot of people off was that if we wanted to go to their wedding we had to pay our share of the wedding. They didn't organize a cheap wedding neither, it was around $75k wedding. With the amount of friends and family going we would all had to have paid $500 each.

This wasn't discussed before hand it was just expected of everyone. Essentially, they paid for the wedding themselves via loans but expected everyone to pay their share so the wedding was free for them. My parents and her parents even offered to pay for the majority between them but my brother refused.

A lot of people kicked off and either declined to go or refused to pay. The amount we had to pay rose from $500 to $1500 pretty much over night. This is just for 1 person, not even a plus one.

People refusing and dropping out caused a huge temper tantrum from my brother and his girlfriend (he's always been the golden child. He's very entitled and expects everyone to bend at his will) eventually my dad caved (enabler and why my brother is so entitled) and paid for all of our share even though we all declined. The rest of us have morals and don't live out of our parents pockets (one of the other stories) and we have all paid our dad back the $1500.

So. To now. The wedding was canceled. Naturally there was a huge drama from my brother and his equally as entitled/narcissistic girlfriend. If they reschedule the wedding it will cost them another 8k to rebook everything.

Guess who has to pay for it? The guests. My brother's girlfriend called an emergency meeting to discuss the wedding. They stated they refuse payment from my dad again (Apparently we are the entitled ones because he paid for us the last time). If we refuse to pay this time it will be our fault the wedding is ruined blah blah blah. My $1500 share is now $1660.

There are so many other things that have happened over the years. This isn't some petty crap that's sparked this off. In short. My siblings and I are done with them.


The wedding is happening 15 miles from their home. It isnt a wedding that's abroad.

We are still expected to pay for drinks at the bar

The venue is huge. It can hold up to 4 weddings at once but they hired the entire place just for them.

The price includes one night stay and food. It does not include a gift

I accept I was also enabling by paying my dad back. I completely take responsibility for that. I think it's out of guilt. My brother has done nothing but gaslight and abuse him for all his 32 years. I'm just sad and embarrassed to say he's my brother.

Of course, the jury of wedding shamers was eager to weigh in on this one. Here's what people had to say...

prissypoo22 said:

Someone needs to slap your brother. Refuse to go, shake some reality into that horrible couple. You're being too nice as well.

amanda-g said:

I've NEVER heard of a wedding where the bride and groom expect the guests to cover the entire wedding at that much per head. That is ridiculous. I hope no one shows up.

bullzeye1983 said:

I was already on the 'what jerks' train but then you stopped at the no open bar station. Oh hell no, they are monsters.

QuietKat87 said:

Meh, when they call to arrange a group chat to discuss the wedding, just tell them you aren't going and 'good luck with all of that'. Then don't respond when they throw a temper tantrum. They are being super entitled to think the guests owe it to them to bankroll their expensive wedding.

redditanon17 said:

By my calculations, only 50 people werr coming to this thing?!? 100 dropped out? How do they not see that THEY are the problem?!?

Looks like everyone agreed unanimously that this couple is impessively bold to charge guests to attend, especially after rescheduling. Good luck with your inevitable elopement?

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