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Entitled mom asks the bride if she can throw her kid a birthday party at the wedding.

Entitled mom asks the bride if she can throw her kid a birthday party at the wedding.


We've heard of guests complaining about child-free weddings, but what about a family member who thinks a wedding is a great venue for her 4-year-old's birthday party?

Who doesn't love a round of toddler temper tantrums and bounce house on their wedding dance floor? So, when a boundary-setting bride decided to consult the gloriously petty 'Wedding Shaming' group on Reddit about a mom's outrageous 'pitch' for her wedding, people were ready to hear the tale of brazen entitlement.

Let my kid celebrate his birthday on your WEDDING?

As I have already told in another post, I am getting married in some months. It's a small wedding in my house, with just 28 people (including us). One of them is my aunt (the wife of my father's brother).

So, last Saturday (1 week ago) I told everyone about the wedding. It was great, besides my grandpa's telling me they won't come because they are too old...

But yesterday, I received a WhatsApp message from a phone that I didn't know. It was my aunt's niece from her part of the family, who I have never met. Turns out that her kid's (4 years old) birthday is 3 days before my wedding.

She thought it would be a great idea to join my wedding and celebrate her kid's birthday too, because 'it's just the family and it's not in a church or pretty place anyway, so it's a great idea.' And also said we should invite her family and the kid's school friends.

I am done about all the bulls*it that I am handling while arranging this wedding, so I just said 'Sorry, I have never meet you, and my wedding is not gonna become your child's birthday party. Bye' And blocked her.

I was expecting my aunt to call me furious, but she apologized, saying she had no idea. She thought her niece only wanted to congratulate me, and that's why she gave her my number after telling her the news.

Also she told me to not worry, because her other niece called her to say how horrible I am, but she scolded her. I am sure at the end of this wedding I will have enough stories to write a book. How does people handle with this stuff?

Of course, the jury of wedding shamers was eager to roast this bold mom's utterly unhinged request. Here's what people had to say:

Tasty_Doughnut_9226 said:

I'm not sure what I just read. How on earth did she think it was ok to contact someone she's never met and ask to have her kids party at the other person's wedding whilst putting it down. I need to get myself some of that audacity!

Blue_Camellia said

Perfect response. I'm also willing to bet that if you had agreed, at least 80% of the attention would have been on the kids, and the niece would have been nasty to/about you afterwards for taking attention away from her precious child.

imhere4blkpeople said:

I can already see the fingerprints and teeth marks in the cake. Yikes.

EnvironmentalFun8175 said:

Nope. Absolutely the hell not. It's a wedding, not a kid's birthday party. You did the right thing by refusing this madness. If this niece, who you have NEVER met, wants to celebrate her kid's birthday, she should do it at HER HOME ON HIS BIRTHDAY. Period.

the_greek_italian said:

So someone you're not even related to and never met, thought that it would be a completely brilliant idea to contact you and ask to arrange your wedding into her kid's birthday? At your expense? That is single handedly the biggest 'I am super cheap' excuse I have ever heard.

Let's all light a candle for this 4-year-old who has to grow up with the ultimate Karen for a mom. Unfortunately, the manager of this wedding was brave enough to fully shut her down. Good luck at the family reunion, team...

Sources: Reddit
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