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Bride instructs photographer to leave egocentric sister out of all wedding photos.

Bride instructs photographer to leave egocentric sister out of all wedding photos.


"Entitled sister is upset I strategically seated her at my wedding to avoid capturing her breastfeeding moments on camera"


I (29F) just got married married to my husband a week ago. My sister (31F) has a 5 month old baby and both were at the wedding. I don’t really like my sister’s personality and her partner broke up with her a few months ago who alleged she was an “exhibitionist” and our side of the family are starting to see why he left her.

My sister would usually breastfeed openly in public and although I don’t have a problem with breastfeeding your child, I do think I’m not really tolerant of HOW she does it.

Most women in my community will breastfeed in public too, but will ensure they move to a more private spot ( not the bathroom!) or bring nursing covers, and I don’t think it’s sexist and all, because I see that as a courteous thing. Being as kind as I can about my sister, I think she likes to make a statement and “challenge” the status quo ever since she was a child.

She’s the type to flaunt about how she doesn’t give a darn what others think about her and how she acts in public. So yea, she’s got some issues of her own because I cannot imagine someone being this angry at the world for no good reason.

Moving on to my wedding, I had a videographer panning the camera in the centre of the aisle as I’d walk down, which means guests would be in plain view. My sister doesn’t carry bottles with her and she would start nursing whenever baby needs to eat.

I didn’t want this captured on camera and wanted to avoid any possibility of that happening (because aesthetics), so I situated her in one of the middle rows to ensure she’s concealed either way.

The rest of the family including my cousins were seated in the front. I also requested the cameraman to avoid taking pictures of guests in case she’s openly breastfeeding during the reception as well.

My bridesmaids on the wedding day managed to handle my sister as later I got to know she threw a stink about feeling neglected and hardly any pictures captured with her baby.

Apparently, she had been nursing (maybe also to calm the baby down) therefore the camera guy we hired requested her to step out of the frame several times. I'm not going to lie, this made me want to tip him a little extra haha.

This has been a pattern of hers at several family events (she also has a 2 year old daughter who was present too that’s how we were able to discern this pattern from the past), and even some work events that she used to attend with her partner.

All of us have made effort in the past to communicate with her, but she gets argumentative and I didn’t want to have to deal with her drama. I don't care about being called prude. I didn’t want someone’s photo/videos with their chest out on my wedding regardless of context.

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Wasn’t there just a post about this situation from the breastfeeding sister’s perspective Nothing against public breastfeeding, but I wouldn’t want to see that in my formal wedding photos or video - especially if she’s doing it for the attention.


I've never heard of a wedding where someone -- at least one person -- isn't upset about something. Weddings seem to be magnets for that. I've got a family wedding coming up in a few months, and I'm just holding my breath.


I'm breastfeeding my 4th and don't use a cover or leave the area. I do wear either nursing tops or shirts loose enough to feed baby from the bottom. No comments or complaints ever. Most people don't even realize what I'm doing. Let you sister be mad. She made her choices. You didn't ask her to change, just worked around her.


I think how you handled keeping this off camera in a wedding video was fine. It would be inappropriate for the videographer to capture anyone breastfeeding and keep the footage without their express consent.

Having said that, the whole "babies should only be allowed to eat with a blanket over their heads in a secret corner" thing is ridiculous. When someone starts eating with a hot blanket over their head every time they eat in public, I'll support them holding that positively absurd stance.

It's not inappropriate or discourteous to simply feed a baby without putting a blanket over them. And it's not exhibitionary to not want to do so. It's something that should be done only if the person breastfeeding is most comfortable that way, and the baby handles it okay.


So is this just a creative writing exercise to see the different views Reddit will give? Because this is literally a story from like yesterday, only from the bride's view and not the nursing sister. Please stop wasting everyone's time with this BS.


Just tell her you didn’t want her boobs in your wedding pics because that’s all anyone would be looking at.


Interestingly there was another story posted just today about a woman who said her sister (the bride) shamed and embarrassed her because she had to breastfeed baby and she got captured on the wedding video.


NTA for the wedding part. It's your wedding, you didn't want it thats 100% your choice. She knew you didn't like it, and did it anyways. As for breastfeeding in public - I'm not going to go hide in a corner alone for half an hour every 2 hours because my baby eats constantly.

Nobody else is asked to leave for things they cannot control. I am not going to cover my baby's face to eat because I definitely don't want to eat with a blanket over my face. People can downvote me or whatever they want.

I'm not an exhibitionist, because this isn't a sexual action. It's food for someone else. Nobody in my life has ever asked me to do any of the things you're asking with either of my children..don't plan to change things with my next either.

So, what do you think about this one? If you could give the OP any advice here, what would you tell them?

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