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Guest brings kid to child-free wedding and then steals high chair from twin babies.

Guest brings kid to child-free wedding and then steals high chair from twin babies.


Child-free weddings are a popular subject of debate as many parents find them to be expensive, rude, and unnecessarily anti-family for an event which is usually largely about family...

Still, if a couple wants a child-free wedding it's most likely because they want to avoid a soundtrack of shrill screams during their vows, sticky fingers and crunched snacks into the rug of a fancy hotel. Weddings celebrate commitment, love, friendship, and champagne--you know, things babies and toddlers can totally grasp and famously love.

Unless your wedding is at Disney World, kids are never going to have as much fun as your Aunt Lisa after 3 signature cocktails.

So, when a frustrated wedding guest decided to vent to the delightfully gossipy 'Wedding Shaming' group on Reddit about a high chair incident, people were eager to weigh in.

Entitled guest takes a high chair not meant for them for the child they weren’t supposed to bring...

This happened a while ago when my twins were just over a year old or so. My husband's cousin got married in a medium sized outdoor ceremony. The invitation said adults only, which we were completely ok with. We we’re going to leave our twins with our nanny.

The bride told me that she wanted us to bring our twins though. The family wanted to meet them, plus I was also doing her makeup and the bridesmaids makeup. So we said ok, we’d love to bring them.

If they cry, we can definitely walk away (it was in a forest). The bride also said that she would make sure the catering company brought two high chairs for our kids and they would be with our seats (assigned seating).

Anyway, the day comes and the bride tells us that our kids were the only kids invited. The twins are great through out the entire ceremony and we walk to our seats for dinner (outdoors).

We get to our seats and there’s only one high chair. We ask the catering company where the second high chair is and they say they set they them up next to each other, by our seats.

We look around and see another couple with a child as well. This child has the other high chair that was meant for us. We ask if the caterer has another high chair but they only brought two, per the brides request.

So this couple decided to bring their child to an adults only wedding (no they didn’t ask, the bride confirmed our kids were the only kids invited. Mainly because we’re family and because I was doing everyone’s makeup). On top of that, they took a high chair that was very obviously not meant for them.

Because they took our high chair, I had to drag my huge double stroller right up to the table so that I would have somewhere to put my other baby. What made it even worse was the fact that our table was right in front of the bride and groom as we were sitting with the bride's parents.

That other couple that took our high chair was sitting at the far back end table and literally had their stroller right next them. This happened years ago and I still find it annoying. I felt bad because the bride kept apologizing which is the last thing I wanted.

And that couple knew that high chair was meant for us because they watched the commotion and saw the fact that we had twins which is why two high chairs were put together.

Of course, the jury of judgmental strangers was eager to weigh in on this glorious wedding child-free wedding drama. Here's what people had to say:

MyLadyBits said:

That’s when you walk over and I’m sorry that chair was reserved for my child.

majorboredom1 said:

I wish people would understand that your presence at their wedding isn't so critical that they won't mind you dragging along your uninvited kid. You can just say no and send a gift. It's that easy.

janamichelcahill said:

These people were rude. they should have brought their own accommodations since they brought their kids uninvited.

dogdays02 said:

Oh look - they left a high chair for us! Weddings bring out the worst of entitlement - from brides to guests & MIL’s - their petty selfish behaviors shine brightly and amuse us to no end. Thank you all!

In conclusion, if you're invited to a child-free wedding that means your kids are not invited...

If you choose to be a rude guest who will forever be dragged in family group chats across the country, then don't take your bold lack of manners a step further by stealing a high chair meant for the only children who were invited. Also important to note--if your child's high chair gets stolen from you at a child-free wedding when your child are approved by the couple then you should march up to that high chair and steal it right back.

Sources: Reddit
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