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Guest shares horror story of 'Disney Adult' wedding, 'it was so out of place.'

Guest shares horror story of 'Disney Adult' wedding, 'it was so out of place.'


'Disney Adults' can get a rough reputation for making multiple child-free trips to Disney World, decorating their homes in Mickey Mouse-covered wallpaper, or having an overall unrealistic grip on reality...

Still, the whimsy of princesses, castles, and happily ever afters is the type of cringe behavior that can work for a wedding. So, when a frustrated guest shared a hilarious horror story of a Disney adult flop to Reddit's gloriously petty 'Wedding Shaming' group, people were ready to join the roasting session.

Recently went to one I feel warrants a story (Disney adult slander here so I apologize)...

Was invited to a husband's relatives wedding. We should have known it would be interesting from the bridal shower registry. I couldn’t go (to the shower) but I browsed the gifts to see what they were looking was all Disney home items (towels, dishes, literally everything), I thought ok maybe I’m being a little, harsh, but whatever.

Then the invitation said it started at 4 for the wedding. We arrive at 3:45 and nobody is around. We eventually see a few other lingering groups of people and ask if they are at the same place for the same event, they were. It was to be outside at this field with the after party under a gazebo.

So 4:10 rolls around and it’s a group of us like 50 people now wandering about to find this “field.' An employee who works for the location adjacent to the field says “oh it’s down there” pointing down a gravel dirt road to be walked down.

So all 50 meander down and like 4 people were old or not able to walk well so the road wasn’t ideal. We get out there like 300 meters and there’s nothing.

So someone finally gets ahold of the bridal party and say “oh they got started late sooooo nobody will be there until 5.” Someone tells them that in the field there is nothing set up, no chairs, nothing.

The person on phone said; well when we all get there everybody needs to come back up to gazebo and carry a chair down from the reception area (which is just some folded chairs and church tables) for themselves...uhm.

We all go BACK up to the lot since it’ll be awhile and stand there, the bride arrives on site finally at 5:55 but she isn’t ready. Another 50 people arrive (idk how they knew how far behind she was). They ask everybody to go back down and carry a chair. Half of the people do, half don’t and just stand.

The bridal party walks “in” on the gravel to a song from Moana maybe, then this is where it gets extra strange because of the obvious money saving attempts at using an outdoor gazebo and field and just overall simple design (which I would have no issue with), the bride arrives finally down the road in a horse drawn white carriage like in Cinderella?

Lol it was so out of place. Then she walked down the aisle to “you’ve got a friend in me.' After a 2 minute ceremony, we’re invited to go back up to the gazebo (approx 6:40; we’ve been there 3 hours already).

The bride and groom wanted to get photos of them running down the aisle but she didn’t hold her dress and she stepped on it and fell, pulling the dress down and people could see her bra. Like wiped out.

They had a single pizza truck for 100+ people which the line was constantly like 20 or more people long because they could only give you one slice at a time. That was it, no snacks, sides etc. I was completely shocked at the lack of planning, respect for the guests, and theme.

Someone at our table opened their card and removed $100 from it because they were going to gift 200 but after the whole evening they decided, no lol. It was wrong. Important to note they got legally married last year for “taxes” and this was just all secondary.

Imagine being about to plan and organize a horse-drawn carriage entrance, but not a convenient time and location?

Here's what the jury of wedding shamers had to say about this Disney adult disaster...

ThaneOfCawdorrr said:

Bride: 'I want a beautiful white dress. Ohhh and a horse drawn white carriage like in Cinderella!!!! And my favorite songs!!! The one I like from Moana!! ANDDD 'you've got a friend in me,' that's such a beautiful song. Don't forget, horse drawn white carriage!!!! Very important!'

Wedding planner, delicately: 'and....?'

Bride: 'And what?'

throwawaygremlins said:

Damn 2 hours late, I would’ve left!…and I wonder if the bride was mortified at all that she tripped on her dress and fell?

Momo222811 said:

Sounds like they blew the entire budget on the carriage.

Ambitious_Link6047 said:

So her wedding pictures will consist of a horse drawn carriage she probably blew the whole budget in, a pizza food truck, and eye rolling guests? Love it.

angiedrumm said:

Respect to the person who reduced their wedding gift by half right then and there. I feel vindicated now by my choice to always give cash vs writing a check. That way you can assess the wedding in real time and adjust accordingly.

AshKalashnikov said:

Omg. This whole thing is so absurd, but the part that finally made me laugh was walking down the 'aisle' to You've Got A Friend In Me haha.

ActualWheel6703 said:

Wow. That was just a gift grab. I definitely would have left. I'm sorry you went through that. Not cool on their part.

Note to couples planning a Disney-themed wedding: if you can afford to rent a horse and a Cinderella carriage, you can probably pay for a dinner that's better than a single pizza truck with a long time. Better luck next time, everyone...

Sources: Reddit
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