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Guest shares wedding horror story of MOH's speech, a mascot, vomit, tears, and more.

Guest shares wedding horror story of MOH's speech, a mascot, vomit, tears, and more.


What is a wedding without a healthy dose of cinematic drama?

So, when a shocked guest decided to vent to the gloriously petty world of wedding gossip otherwise known as Reddit's 'Wedding Shaming' about a celebration from the depths of hell, people were dying for all of the drunken details.

MOH bashing the groom in her speech, dance floor drama, college mascots, tears, vomit, and gift grubbing...

I went to a wedding where the maid of honor's speech was about 10 minutes of her talking about how many times the couple broke up and got back together and how much she hated him when she first met him, and grew to hate him more and more every time he broke up with the bride.

She talked about a night she and the bride stayed up all night, consoling her through 'yet another breakup with [the groom]'. And of course she made sure to include the story of how she and the bride actually stopped talking for a chunk of time because of him.

This was like a 200 person wedding and the entire ballroom kept looking around, staring at each other in disbelief. Thankfully, the best man went after her and nailed it. No one forgot the MOH's speech but it definitely softened the blow.

Our friend's dad owned the venue so when the servers started coming out, we were served our food before the bride and groom. Our friend was mortified and apologized profusely to the whole table.

And she wasn't bullsh$tting - she looked like she was on the verge of tears. Thankfully I don't think the wedding party realized. But WHAT venue thinks that's the right decision???

Anyway - the bride and groom did their first dance, mother/son, father/daughter, etc. etc. and then were off taking pictures (I guess?? Maybe a quickie??) and dinner was long over and we were all just awkwardly sitting at our tables waiting for the dancefloor to open up.

One of the bridesmaids caught on to how bored everyone was so she took it upon herself to get the DJ going and started the dancing. She started a dance-off circle and everyone finally started having fun.

That fun came to a halt when the bride came back and got mad at the bridesmaid for doing this, yelling at her saying she wanted to be the one who started the dancing.

The DJ also didn't let a single song play all the way through without some random transition into the next song or just getting on the microphone to yell some random sentences, trying to be a (very bad) hype man.

At the end of the night the DJ made an announcement that they had a 'special guest' and out came the groom's college mascot. Maybe this would be fun if it was a big party school or a school with a ton of school spirit but like everyone who went there (my fiancé included) hated it and got out of there as soon as possible.

They didn't even have a football team. The mascot's presence also came as a shock to the bride who wasn't told about this idea and we could see them in the back of the room bickering about it (I mean...sort of fair but...keep it under wraps until yall go home)

The bride and groom invited everyone out to the bars after and literally all of our friends, except those in the wedding party, chose to go home because at that point all we wanted was our beds (and not in a fun way).

We got updates from our wedding party friends in the group chat. Bride was again yelling at that one bridesmaid, who was now crying. Groomsman blacked out. Someone lost their credit card. The bride and groom were still bickering about the mascot. Bride later threw up on her dress.

Then about a week after the wedding anyone who didn't give a gift or cash, the groom reached out to them via text asking if their credit cards weren't working on the registry website (I have my opinions on no-gifters, but regardless) I had the hardest time choosing between flairs omg. It was a nightmare.

Here's what the jury of wedding shamers had to say about this mess...

haleighr said:

The moh seems to be the only sane one by the end of this story honestly.

erwachen said:

The mascot fail is hilarious to me and I don't know why. I didn't even go to college.

Waste-Region604 said:

Honestly if I ever get married I will have a small alcohol free one to avoid drama.

Dantes-Monkey said:

Nobody died!

Note to anyone who might have an unhinged wedding day...remember to invite the reality TV camera crews next time. You don't want to miss an opportunity to kick-off a career in Instagram influencing...

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