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Groom's brother's wife goes into labor during wedding; groom is furious at him.

Groom's brother's wife goes into labor during wedding; groom is furious at him.


Stealing a bride and groom's thunder on their wedding day is tantamount to manslaughter (according to Reddit). But are there ever any exceptions to this rule?

A thunder-stolen husband came to Reddit's popular 'Am I the A-hole' forum looking for validation, but got something else, instead. Here's his post with top comments:

'AITA (Am I the A-hole) for telling my brother that he didn't need to share that his wife was in labor in my wedding?'

u/throwaway3167900 writes:

My wedding was days ago. My brother attended but his wife didn't. She was nearing her due date to give birth and she didn't come. The wedding was going well. Until my brother recieved a call from his MIL telling him that SIL was in labor.

He told me he was leaving, and my wife and I were fine with that, but the issue began after he had told one of the guests that she was in labor.

Word spread out and suddenly, everybody was talking about it, which disrupted the event. Even my parents started calling and there was a huge fuss which frankly, was unnecessary if my brother just left in silence or made up some excuse.

I contacted him later and expressed my grief and frustration with what he did. I told him how the news of his wife being in labor disrupted the wedding and caused my wife to feel like her day was ruined.

He lashed out asking how any of that was his fault. I explained how he should've just left or made up some excuse to leave but he said he didn't mean any harm and that he was in a hurry and worried at the time. He said it wasn't like he announced it and told me I disrespected him by arguing with him about it.

We had a big argument and our parents sided with him and told me to 'get over myself' and are now expecting me to apologize.

Could this situation have been handled better? By whom?

Reddit was pretty much team 'not OP' with a unanimous decision of YTA (you're the a-hole).

imothro doesn't hold back:

YTA. What was happening to your brother was completely out of his control, significant and scary. To ask him to conceal that in the moment because it stole focus from you is utterly narcissistic.

I'm guessing if his wife was in a horrible car crash and medivac'd to the ER you'd want your brother to keep his mouth shut too? You owe everyone in your family an enormous apology.

Most-Rutabaga-3315 says:

The baby is obviously at fault here. Selfish jerk couldn’t even wait until after the wedding to be born. What an AH.

machinezed points out:

Not even that what if someone noticed the brother was gone from the reception. It doesn’t take a genius to put it together that brother with a very pregnant wife is gone, that the wife is in labor. Just wait until the niece/nephew gets his own party every year on their anniversary. YTA.

madelinegumbo laments:

Wedding expectations are so out of control. This guy wanted the actual birth of a child to be hidden and lied about so he could have his big moment.

IamIrene wonders:

Why, instead of getting upset when the news spread, why didn't you and your bride stand up and make an announcement and raise a glass to toast them? Doing so would have diffused the disturbance by getting it out in the open all at once instead of it rippling through the crowd.

It would also have put the focus back on you two, the bride and groom. You could have been part of the good news instead of in competition with it. This was a missed opportunity.

Dang, that was brutal.

So, is there any hope for this new husband? Do you think he'll apologize or dig in his heels? Sound off, and good luck. Oh! And congrats on the baby, OP's brother!

Sources: Reddit
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