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Man proposes during brother's wedding, so bro sabotages his relationship.

Man proposes during brother's wedding, so bro sabotages his relationship.


A newlywed posted a story to Reddit documenting the epic revenge he took against his brother, who commited the ultimate wedding faux pas.

Ruin My Wedding To Propose? I'll Ruin Your Proposal.

u/Neither-Glove-4355 writes:

I (35m) have a young brother 'Todd' (29m) who had a complicated birth and had to stay a month in the ICU and because of that my parents have always doted on him and almost denied him nothing, even if it was to the detriment of my sister 'Abby' (32f) and I.

My brother drinks in on the attention and has on more than one occasion made himself the center of attention at either my, my sister's, or a cousin's special event.

Because of this Abby and I have a strained relationship with Todd and our parents. Unfortunately, Todd met and fell in love with 'Lucy' (24f) who announced her own pregnancy at the baby shower my mom held for Abby.

When I proposed to my wife 'Michelle' (30f) I just wanted to elope but she really wanted her family to be there so I invited my family out of obligation. While out my best man 'Jim' (35m) noticed a receipt from a jewelry store slipped out of Todd's pocket. Jim confronted Todd about this which led to an argument.

Jim told me everything and I told Todd that he was no longer going to be a groomsman because I knew he was going to propose at my wedding. Todd cried to our parents and which led to a blow out. In my parents' eyes, since Todd never admitted that he was going to propose to Lucy at my wedding I was unfairly judging him. I refused and brought up Todd's past behavior.

My parents couldn't refute this and got Todd to agree to not try anything at my wedding. This wasn't enough to convince me to let him be a groomsman but I warned him that if, as a guest, he'd try anything I would make him regret it.

Fast forward to the wedding and surprise surprise Todd walked over to Lucy and proposed to her during Michelle's father-daughter dance and did it in a way so that EVERYONE would notice.

Cue my revenge, Jim and I had hired a woman to pretend to be Todd's side piece who cornered Todd and Lucy and claimed that she was pregnant with his baby.

Todd denied this but when she called his phone, I gave her his number and messed with Todd's phone to incriminate him, it didn't look good. Lucy threw the ring back at Todd and left in tears.

When Todd saw the smile on my face he knew that it was me and I didn't respond to a single call/text from him or my parents until after the honeymoon. Lucy has thrown Todd's stuff out and has been denying access to their kid. Todd is furious and is demanding that I clear his name.

I sent him a text saying that I had no idea what he was talking about as well as a screenshot of a bill for the wedding and gave a vague message demanding reimbursement for half of the wedding costs.

Michelle knew the whole time what I was planning and gave me the green light after Todd ruined her moment with her dad, so I felt pretty good but now even Abby thinks I went too far.

What do you think? Did OP go way too far, or did Todd have this coming?

Reddit was extremely impressed with OP's revenge... for the most part.

From sysadminbj:

Dude….. That’s f*cking diabolical. You did warn the attention seeking prick though. I don’t blame you. You don’t steal attention from the bride. ESPECIALLY during the father daughter dance.

PortlyCloudy says:

I don't see anywhere in your description where he's apologized for his actions, so I wouldn't worry about apologizing for yours either.

OP responds:

He hasn't.

aquavenatus writes:

Everyone, including you, have their breaking point. You did warn your brother. I’m so sorry you and your sister went your entire lives putting up with your brother’s behavior and your parents enabling it. I hope his child doesn’t pick up on his parents’ behaviors.

That being said, Congratulations on your wedding and on your revenge (your wife sounds awesome)! I hope your sister comes around soon. I believe you’ve made your decision regarding your brother and your parents. Good Luck with everything!!!

Fine_Cheek_4106 adds:

Let's not feel too sorry for Lucy in this either - she announced HER pregnancy at her SIL'S baby shower. Obviously she is fine with stealing the spotlight onto herself too - they're a couple made in a manure pile. I feel sorry for the kid in the sense of his Dad fucking around and finding out, and I hope it comes better for him, but Todd and Lucy can go and get stuffed.

But Intelligent_Put_3594 disagrees:

Affairs ruin lives. And can take them. You didnt have to go there. That now ex fiance of his might be hurt so bad she could take her own life. Thats the only part that was way to far. But, you got the job done. Just don't forget the 10 fold law.

gines2634 says:

You should clear his brother’s name for the kid’s sake. Also, do you really want to ruin your brother’s relationship with his fiancé forever? I get it, he ruined your wedding, one moment in time.

What your brother did does not change the trajectory of your life with your wife, like this will for your brother. It’s been long enough that hopefully he learned his lesson. To be fair you did warn him not to do it. NTA (not the a-hole) for doing it but it does need to be corrected.

OP replied:

This may be a really messed up thing to say but after years of Todd's b.s. I'm honestly numb to the idea of his prolonged suffering. I didn't take any of his texts or calls during the honeymoon and when I got the full story I didn't get this wave of guilt. More like a 'sucks to be you.' I honestly, don't think I even like Todd.

forever_pilly asks:

how did the guests react? i think if I ever witness someone propose at another person's wedding, I'd boo at them.

From OP:

Michelle's Aunt yelled 'Are you f-ing kidding me?' and I guess everyone else was just too in shock at the audacity and/or confused.

But WriteAnotherWoods wasn't buying it:

Honestly, i love this story. But the part where you messed with his phone is unbelievable enough that I question the legitimacy of it. I sure as sh*t don't let my phone out of my sight unless I absolutely need to, and I keep it password protected. I want to believe you, but this just sounds like a fantasy rather than an actual scenario that played out the way you described. I'm calling fake.

OP had an explanation:

While at our parents' house Todd left his phone on the charger and went to the bathroom. I got in his phone when it wasn't looking, then unplugged the charger so that when he went to check on the phone he'd keep it there and then wait until he left it alone again to continue to mess with it.

aquavenatus says:

I find it interesting that Lucy hasn’t considered that OP might have done this on purpose as payback towards both her and Todd.

From OP:

Honestly. I think it's because I'm not really this type of person. It's out of character for me.

Sources: Reddit
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