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Bride changes MOH, kicks out half the wedding party because they 'kept insulting her.'

Bride changes MOH, kicks out half the wedding party because they 'kept insulting her.'


"Dropped out of Bridezilla's bridal party and never spoke to her again"


So a few years ago I became good friends with a girl, let’s call her Amy (F29) I met Amy through my childhood best friend, I’ll call her Samantha(F29). Eventually Amy got engaged, and at the time I was unemployed. She knew this, but told me she wanted to ask me to be her MOH.

I told her I definitely would, it would be a lot but I would make it work (based on what I mentioned I was going through). A few days later she let me know she was actually going to ask another friend of hers to be MOH instead, since I didn’t answer “happy or enthusiastic” enough (her words) about being asked.

It felt weird, but I let it go. That was the first of many red flags. She wanted to have the bridal party there for her dress try on at a shop 2 hours away. Samantha and I drove up together, and the rest of the party drove together in a separate car.

During the entire process Amy was miserable, hated every dress, complained etc. The party was very supportive but she wasn’t having it, so the new MOH asked, “do you want some of us to leave?”

Which... me and Samantha were the only ones who didn’t drive up with the group. Amy said yes, that too many people were there. So me and Samantha agreed to leave.

We were meant to get lunch after, but Amy said she didn’t want to go anymore. We later found out they did actually go without us. Drove 2 hours for nothing.

A day after that ordeal, she got angry with the MOH because, in the bridal party group chat, she teased Amy about the dress try-on going awry by sending a zoomed in photo of Amy’s face with a grumpy frown. Amy decided to demote her as MOH because she was so offended by it. She asked another member of the party to step up (her sister.)

Well, a few weeks later her sister got so overwhelmed that she let Amy know she could no longer do it. Amy comes crawling back to me saying how embarrassed she is that she doesn’t have a MOH. And I foolishly agree to be it again.

Amy decides she wants her Bachelorette party to be a long weekend away in an expensive Airbnb in another state, and demands we all pay her way; including all the activities/outings/restaurants she wanted to do over the span of 3 days.

I was so stressed about affording it but I scrapped some money together. The trip was horrible, and was a lot of Amy bossing us around or complaining about what we were doing wrong.

Me and Samantha finally had enough, and decided to speak with her about how we felt after the trip ended. She handled the discussion badly, and it turned into a full blown fight, but we were able to settle down and apologized to one another.

But, later that night, I received a phone call from Amy’s mother, who I’ve met maybe twice. This woman is twice my age, and she starts going off about how me and Samantha are horrible people for “ruining” Amy’s trip, and that if it happens again, we not welcome at the wedding.

I text Amy and ask her what the hell is up with her mom started calling me! I was really perturbed and uncomfortable with the interaction. No surprise but, Amy sided with her mother, telling me she’s right for saying all that.

Well, I couldn’t take it anymore. I told her that I had to drop out of the wedding and honestly the friendship too, how could I even continue showing up when her mother and her clearly feel this contempt for me. She tried to send me a nasty message the morning after, but I ignored it.

I haven’t spoken to her since, it’s been over a year and the wedding happened without me and Samantha. No regrets to be honest. Samantha occasionally would check a google doc we were still privy to, that Amy had created with info about the wedding, and we found that she changed MOHs two more times after that lol Yikes.

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Probably for the best, it sounds like it wouldn't be any better trying to stay in the bridal party. Especially if she's childish enough to have her Mom call you.

The OP responded here:


She claimed she “didn’t know” her mom was going to call me. Ironically during our friendship she would constantly complain about her mom and how she didn’t keep good boundaries.. like no kidding.


The fact that multiple people have dropped out should be a massive hint to her. Doubt it will be. Maybe it’ll be one to the poor groom!

The OP again responded:


I know, I’d be really embarrassed if that happened to me, she literally had 5 MOHs lol like at that point you’re the problem.


It was a red flag that she asked you initially anyway, did you even know her to the point of being a bridesmaid, let alone a MOH? I’m always weary of brides who want people they just met to be in their bridal party.

In my experience it’s solely for the purpose of filling wedding seats at a specific venue and to lower the split costs of Bachelorette activities. They see people as accessories to their event and that’s it.


On one hand, I feel sorry for Amy's husband. On the other hand, I don't because he had to know what he was getting.


She sounds like a real nut job! It’s good you learned her true nature and rid yourself of her!

So, do you think it's for the best that the OP, and a couple others, cut ties with this bride? How would you have handled this situation?

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