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Photographer shares story of 'cruel' butterfly-themed wedding disaster.

Photographer shares story of 'cruel' butterfly-themed wedding disaster.


Bridezillas regularly take their rage out on members of their bridal party, their spouse-to-be, their florist or any other human that happens to cross their path toward destruction, but what happens when nature gets involved?

Peer pressure your former roommate into changing the color of her hair all you want, brides, but we draw the line at harming animals. So, when a wedding photographer decided to share a horror story from a nightmare gig to the hilariously petty and brutal 'Wedding Shaming' group of Reddit, people were eager to hear the tragic tale. (Warning: insects were harmed in the making of this wedding)

I’m a wedding photographer and I have to shame this...

Animals in wedding. I’ve seen dove thrown in the sky. I’ve seen the “horse carriage “ trend. I’ve seen decorative parrots. But this summer, I’ve been disgusted by this new company that sells “quality wedding butterflies.'

I was made aware that there would be a “butterfly release” when the couple would leave the church. In my head, there would be a big cage/aquarium full of butterfly and they would open it. But no.

Butterflies were kept in a cake box. Mother of the bride opened the cake box and smaller, butterfly shapes boxes were inside. The boxes were tiny, so it was clear the butterflies were trapped with no possibility of movement. How cruel. Mother of the bride gave one tiny box to every member of the wedding party.

Then it hit me. We’re in the south, it was burning out outside. It was impossible to survive in this heat and...well all the butterflies that were probably sitting in a box in the car since this morning were dead.

When everyone opened their butterfly box, they either fell on the ground or stayed lifeless in their boxes. Seriously how is this thing even legal. The wedding was butterfly themed (cupcake, colors, etc) and I thought the bride liked butterflies enough to know better.

Of course, the jury of wedding shamers was ready to help roast this deadly disaster. Here's what people had to say:

StrangeAsYou said:

My friends had the butterflies 15 years ago. On a harbor cruise wedding. Cue seagulls. It was horrifying.

eighteen_forty_no said:

Going to go update my contract rules right now 'no glitter, no confetti, no fish, no bird releases, no butterfly releases'

musician_mom said:

I went to a wedding where there was a tiered cake. It had these columns in between tiers. They were small so you could see between the tiers. Those tiny columns had live fish in them. Yeah…

PookSqueak said:

My cousin did this for her wedding 10 years ago, also in a hot place in the south. They opened the (obviously too small and lacking air holes) box for the butterfly release at the end of the ceremony and… nothing happened.

But instead of realizing their mistake and leaving it at that, they turned the box upside down and shook it, resulting in a massive pile of dead butterflies on the bride’s skirt. Absolutely horrifying, I’m shocked this is still allowed.

humourless_radfem said:

I was at a wedding where each table had fish in vase as a centerpiece. The couple had zero plans for the fish afterwards, just flush ‘em I guess. And that’s how I and two members of the wedding party found ourselves at Meijer at midnight, in our fancy clothes, buying a tank and accessories. The fish lived. The couple is now divorced.

Rest in peace, beautiful insects who died in vain. Note: bubbles are just as fun, brides!

Sources: Reddit
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