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Photographer asks if he's wrong for shooting wedding like a party for 'cheap' couple.

Photographer asks if he's wrong for shooting wedding like a party for 'cheap' couple.


Everyone wants to cut costs when planning a wedding because weddings are expensive as hell. I've even heard people give advice like don't tell vendors you're planning a wedding because of all of the extra wedding upcharges, also known as 'wedding tax.'

When cutting corners, however, it's important to remember the old adage, 'You get what you pay for.'

Reddit user u/PhotoThrowaway123489 is a wedding photographer who got booked to shoot an 'informal party' but when he showed up it was a full-blown formal wedding event. He did the job he was booked to do, and the bride and groom were livid.

Now, he's asking the internet, 'AITA (Am I The A**hole) for photographing a wedding like a party, when they booked my party package?'

He writes:

All details slightly changed to protect everyone's anonymity.

I'm a photographer. About half a year ago, a couple booked my 'informal party' package for their event. It's my cheapest package, with my most expensive one being my wedding package. They were kinda dodgy about what kind of party it was, which was strange, but money is money, so I agreed.

The event was a couple of weeks ago. As I pull up to the venue, lo and behold people are there in suits and dresses, and there's wedding decor everywhere. Oh boy.

So I get in, and the bride and her mother intercept me. They immediately start ranting and berating me about how unprofessional I am for not being two hours early, and for wearing a polo shirt and cargo shorts to a wedding.

I basically told them that they would stop taking that tone with me or I'd leave. Two bridesmaids intervene and basically herd the two women away from me and try to talk them down, while a third one takes over giving me shit for how I showed up, but the ceremony was about to start so she left.

At this point, I was pissed off, but then again I already drove there and I wasn't told to leave, so I decided to stick through with it. A few more people approached me to give me crap, but I told them to f off and I'd only take criticism from the people footing my bill, i.e. the groom and bride.

The couple apparently decided that having any photos at all was worth ignoring me, and the only person who coordinated throughout the event was the groom's father, who managed to act civil.

Now I'm done editing and contacted the clients with my bill, but they and some of their friends have contacted me asking for a discount because of how inappropriate I was.

I don't see their point, but my fiancée suggested I could give them some symbolic victory like 5% off, because they may not have been able to afford my full wedding package.


If you're booking an informal party package then you can't be shocked when you get an informal party package. This entitled couple had no right to get rude with the photographer for simply doing the job he was booked and paid to do.

Reddit has spoken and this photographer is not 'The A**hole.' In fact, many people think the couple is lucky the photographer stayed and didn't just bail after being tricked and berated by the bride, groom, and their guests. No one thought this couple deserved a discount for their deceitful and bad behavior.

OnShrooms69 says:

They were too busy lying to you to fill you in on the dress code. It's their problem, not yours. I may have left as soon as I saw that I had been conned. I definitely would have left as soon as they started acting disrespectfully to me. A discount would be absolutely out of the question.

dasbarr writes:

People bash the 'wedding tax' without realizing they're getting a higher level of service a lot of the time.

I worked in catering and the uniform for a regular party was a polo and shorts or pants. The uniform for weddings was a white button-up (which needed dry cleaning) with or without a vest and pants or a skirt. Regular parties would only have a few servers when servers for a wedding were one server per 10 or 15 people with one dedicated to the wedding party.

Pictures for a wedding cost more because they require more time and skill than random pics of a party.

TheBeesKneazles adds:

NTA. They paid for regular party shots, that's what they were receiving. If they wanted the wedding photo treatment, they should have paid extra for the wedding package. This is when 'you get what you pay for' is an important thing to remember.

Razergore says:

Ya I wouldn’t play this game and just call them out.

“Look, we all know what happened here. You lied about the event to book my cheapest package. I was told it was an informal party so that is how I dressed and conducted myself. There will be no discount. If you had been upfront with me, then we could have at least determined if something could have been worked out.”

stinstin555 agrees:

NTA. Nope. No discounts. They intentionally booked the party package because they did not want to pay for your wedding package.

At this point they would not be getting contact sheets, an email file or anything until payment was made in full.

Moving forward add some language to your service agreement that states if a customer falsely books a package that is not reflective of the event that you reserve the right to cancel the day of and that they forfeit the right to their deposit.

firefly232 writes:

You are definitely NTA, and don't feel you need to give them a discount. Send them an invoice showing them your wedding party charge, and then the discount to the informal party charge, and show them that they already had a big discount.

SleepyHypso adds:

NTA they did not book the right package, insulted you, and now they are trying to have a discount? Don t give them any discount you would validate their bad behavior and lies. However, I advise you that the next time someone do the same thing: go back to your house. It is not worth the trouble.

Able-Dress1678 says:

NTA. Send them a bill at wedding prices, then show a discount which makes it equal to your party prices.

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