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Plus-one doesn't anticipate wedding running 14 hours, bridesmaids beg bride to leave.

Plus-one doesn't anticipate wedding running 14 hours, bridesmaids beg bride to leave.


The best case scenario as a plus-one at a wedding is when you're the guest to a guest that barely made the invitation list...

No responsibilities in the bridal party with an open bar, a celebration of love and a dance floor? Bliss. Ten minutes of small talk with a happy couple that forgot they even invited the person who brought you? Amazing. The almost-rejects dinner table where everyone goes around to explain how they know they couple but every story somehow seems like a vague lie? Welcome to the plus-one of a barely-made-it. However, being a plus-one isn't always a dreamy evening of free booze and fancy appetizers. Sometimes you're held hostage by a bride who thinks weddings should last 48 hours. So, when a plus-one decided to vent on the gloriously judgmental and petty Reddit group, 'Wedding Shaming,' people were eager to pile on.

The wedding that lasted way too long...

I was a plus one at this wedding a couple years ago. While the wedding itself was lovely, I think it’s a good reminder that even though your wedding is your special day, it probably shouldn’t be an entire day for the rest of your guests.

The ceremony started at 10:30am, on a beach that was at least a 45 minute drive from any hotels in the area. Which isn’t terrible if you’re a guest, but the poor bridesmaids apparently had to be up at 4am to get ready (which is relevant later).

The ceremony went until noon, at which point the bride and groom had booked a restaurant for everyone who attended the ceremony to get lunch while they were taking photos. Which was nice of them, but required a 30 minute drive to the restaurant, followed by another 30/40 minute drive to the site of the actual reception (which was back in the direction of the beach, and therefore at least 45 minutes from anyone’s hotel) which started at 4pm.

After cocktails, dinner, and cake, they opened up the dance floor at 7pm. And people danced! Everyone was having a great time. Until around 8:30/9pm. By this point people were starting to get tired.

All the older family members and people with kids had left by 9pm. And as the rest of the quests were all at least 30, the dance floor had cleared out by then and people were milling around, getting ready to leave.

This is where things started to go downhill. The bride noticed that people were leaving and started to panic. She went around telling everyone that they had planned a last dance and send off, and that she wanted her guests to stay until the end. Ok, great. We assumed that would happen at like 10pm.

So for the next hour and half everyone just kept milling around, waiting for it to be over. The dance floor was totally empty, while the poor DJ kept playing things like “get low” and the Cupid shuffle, and got zero people to dance. People got progressively more tired and antsy to get going.

At one point the MOH asked the bride if the bridesmaids (who again, were up since 4) could get permission to leave, as they were all asleep in the changing room. The bride again begged them to stay. MOH asks when the send off is going to be. The bride then tells us she has the venue booked until midnight.

At this point it was almost 11, and most of the remaining guests said “f*** it” and just left. (I would have left, but had to wait for my ride.) By the time midnight finally came, only maybe 10 people were left, and we gathered to watch the last dance. Then, the icing on the cake: they announce that it’s a private last dance, and they kick us out of the venue.

So there we are, standing in the cold in the parking lot, waiting around for like 6 minutes for the sendoff. Then the sendoff happens, and it’s nothing special. No rice, or flowers, or anything. We just stood there clapping while the bride and groom walked to their car.

Anywho, the wedding and reception would have been mostly perfect if they had ended it at a reasonable time. Moral of the story: your guests do not have the energy or care enough about your wedding to participate in it for 14 hours.

This is indeed a worst-case scenario situation as a plus-one. Trapped at a party for a person you don't even know? Here's what the jury of internet strangers had to say about this dilemma...

LadyPeterWimsey said:

Lol I had a 10:30am wedding, and we were done at 2:15pm. It was great - my husband and I went home and napped. All that to say… nope to all this.

mikey4goalie said:

As an owner of a DJ company we encounter things like this often. The couple thinks their day will go until midnight and everyone is gone by 9:00. In my area you get about 6 hours from when your guests arrive to when they leave.

It’s very rare for weddings/receptions to go past 7 hours. I’ve done 300+ weddings personally and our company has done nearly 1000. I can count on one hand the amount of weddings we’ve had go to 8 hours.

People get tired. People get hungry again. People have kids or babysitters to relieve. People have stuff to do the next day. Sorry. It’s facts. I can’t tell you how many brides are shocked to see their weddings end earlier than planned even when we tell them it’s going to happen. Some of the best weddings are the ones that end earlier than you’d like. Leaving their guests wanting more. Not counting down until they can leave.

clutzycook said:

14 hours is insane. 18 hours (for the bridesmaids) is freaking sadistic.

siempre_maria said:

If I was a bridesmaid, I certainly would not have asked permission to leave. She's not paying me a salary.

Note to self: always bring a getaway car!

Sources: Reddit
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