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Woman asks if she was wrong for refusing to remove makeup before friend's wedding.

Woman asks if she was wrong for refusing to remove makeup before friend's wedding.


Weddings truly seem to bring out the worst in people. A best friend can transform into an entitled Bridezilla once that engagement ring slips on their finger.

Reddit user u/AwareFriendship7004 knows this fact all too well. Her friend totally turned on her when a wedding day makeup disaster took place.

Now this bridesmaid is asking the internet, 'AITA (Am I The A**hole) for refusing to wipe off my makeup at my friend's wedding?'

She writes:

For context, I (19f) was invited to my friend's (23f) wedding and was asked to be a bridesmaid. We paid for our own dresses, robes, shoes, etc.

Before the wedding, I had told her that I was going to have someone else do my makeup instead of the people that she has planned because I was scared that the person she hired was inexperienced with darker skin and curly hair texture (I was the only black bridesmaid) and she was okay with that.

The day of the ceremony comes and I show up on time with my hair and makeup done by professionals that I had hired many times before. When I got there the makeup artist had admitted to not knowing how to actually do makeup and the bridesmaids looked like clowns.

They began wiping off the makeup and sent the fake artist home, and they were going to do their own makeup by themselves. A few minutes go by and another bridesmaid asks me why I hadn’t taken off my makeup and redone it and I told her because I already had mine done and I was happy with it.

She then went and complained to the bride about it not being fair that mine was done professionally and they had to do their own. The bride then came to me and asked why I didn’t want to wipe mine off and I told her the same thing.

i asked her if she would like me to call my artist,(who charges way less and was willing to come) and she said no. I called her anyways and offered to pay for her makeup as a present. The bride got her makeup done and she loved it.

She continued to say it still wasn’t fair that I was the only bridesmaid with professional makeup and I should pay for the others' makeup as well or wipe mine off so as to not upstage her or the others on her special day.

I told her I couldn’t upstage her in any way and it wasn’t fair for me to wipe my makeup off because I had already paid and they had gotten their money back (plus I didn’t even know these girls and they had gotten their money back from the other lady).

She said okay but then refused to speak to me for the rest of the night and when we took bridal pictures she put me as far away from her as possible. Throughout the night she continued to be cold to me, when the pictures were developed a few days later and she posted them, she had cropped me out and didn’t even tag me.

I tried to reach out and ask why she had done that and I even apologized to her. AITA?

What happens to women when they become a bride that makes them so nasty? In classic Bridezilla fashion, this bride got mean and jealous when she thought one of her bridesmaids would outshine her on HER special day. This bridesmaid did absolutely nothing wrong and is definitely not 'The A**hole' in this situation.

She pre-cleared getting professional makeup done and even paid for the bride to have hers redone. These mean-girl-bridesmaids got their money back from the bad makeup artist. If they were behaving normally, they would have just paid OP’s makeup artist to redo their faces and could have all looked stunning. They easily could have avoided all of this drama, but they chose not to.

Reddit agrees, this bridesmaid is 'NTA.' The bride and her minions are sadly not her true friends. She should drop them all immediately and move on to a friend group that appreciates her.

From ProgressiveWNY

100% NTA- anyone who would go to the lengths that she did and even cut you out and not tag you in the photos is no longer worth your time and energy ever again. The AUDACITY she has to ask you to pay for the other bridesmaids’ makeup is unconscionable. Run… far. Don’t look back.

From sucksatchess666

You were sensible about the wedding and picked a make-up artist you trusted. You communicated all of this in advance. You offered to help everyone else get made up and they refused despite getting a refund. For your efforts you were excluded from the pictures and treated like crap.

I'm sorry, but this person is not your friend and is a major asshole. Please explore other friend groups who are more mature and respect you. NTA

From PeteyPorkchops

NTA. She seriously expected you to waste your money because she failed to get a legitimate makeup artist. She’s crazy and she’s not your friend.

From ziggystar94

I agree NTA. There are bridal makeup trials for a reason.

From 2tinymonkeys

Exactly. You gave her the perfect solution to the makeup artist fiasco. You literally handed her a good new artist. You were a good bridesmaid. A good friend. Absolutely NTA

From hakunamatata2023

Getting some racist and jealousy vibes. Cut your losses. Block her and move on. NTA

From Connect_Poet775

That girl is not your friend. As much as it sucks to hear it, do not for a second think she has your best interest at heart. NTA.

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