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New mom leaves sister's wedding when she realizes it's not child-free, picks up baby.

New mom leaves sister's wedding when she realizes it's not child-free, picks up baby.


While weddings can be super fun, the logistics required for guests to attend can be pretty complicated. From shelling out money for presents and outfits, to figuring out the actual travel and childcare costs, even casually attending a wedding is often an expensive ordeal.

So when you add complicated family dynamics to the bevy of expenses, it can transform a wedding from a fun party into a deeply stressful situation.

In a popular post on the AITA subreddit, a woman asked if she's wrong for leaving her sister's wedding.

She wrote:

AITA for leaving my sister's wedding?

For a little backstory, I (24F) and my sister (26F) have never been crazy close, but we get on well. I found out I was pregnant with my daughter (unplanned) about a year after she announced she was engaged. At the time the invitations were sent out, my daughter wasn’t born, but she would have been at the time of the wedding, so I called my sister and asked what the rules were in regard to children.

She said it was child-free. I made arrangements for someone to have the baby on the day of the wedding, and thought no more of it. For some additional context, I was extremely unwell my entire pregnancy, and almost died giving birth. Not once did my sister ask how we were, not even when the baby was born (not even a text to say congratulations).

She was 4 months old by the time of the wedding and my sister had met her once and that was only because I went down to see her (I live 100 miles away). We get to the wedding and turns out it’s not child-free. It’s not even baby free. This broke my heart, and I was so angry, so I just left the wedding and went and picked up my child and drove back home.

Two weeks later my sister calls me and asks why my husband and I left, and when I told her, she kicked off saying it wasn’t personal my daughter wasn’t invited, the other babies were invited as they were her family. I just told her that her niece is also her family and hung up. Some of my family think I’m TA and should have just sucked it up for my sister's wedding but my friends are on my side.

People did not hold back.

ed_lv wrote:


The fact that she does not consider your daughter her family is very troubling, and honestly I'd stop making any effort at all to see her.

Acrobatic-Bit4846 asked a pressing question:

INFO: why doesn’t your sister view your daughter as her family?

And OP answered:

I have no idea. We’ve never had any arguments, fights, or anything of the sort. It all changed as soon as I told her I was pregnant. It was like she didn’t want to know me anymore.

DoIwantToKnow6417 wrote:

The other babies were invited as they were her family.

I don't even know what to say after reading this remark.

NTA. So obviously.

michuru809 wrote:

NTA. That's wild your sister said the equivalent of your daughter isn't family, and was excluded for that reason. How are you- as her sister- not supposed to take that personally that she doesn't consider your child to be her family?

You didn't make a scene, you didn't argue on her day, you didn't even mention it again until she called you and asked. It sounds like you handled it about as classy and quietly as possible. Someone needs to draw your dingbat sister a diagram or family tree.

Overall-Scholar-4676 wrote:

NTA but the family that thinks you should have sucked it up and definitely your sister are the aholes. The audacity to say other kids are her family...guess you know how you aren’t consider her family as well…your sister is the major TA I. would have left too.

Clearly, OP isn't TA, but the whole rest of the family is.

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