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'Spoiled and coddled' woman has 'nervous breakdown' after sister's engagement.

'Spoiled and coddled' woman has 'nervous breakdown' after sister's engagement.


It's never nice to flaunt your unbridled happiness in front of someone going through a hard time... but how long are we expected to hide it?

When a newly engaged woman felt that her thunder wasn't only being stolen, but crushed, she came to Reddit to ask:

"AITA for refusing to 'keep a low profile' of my recent engagement and refuse to come without him to mother's birthday to accommodate jealous sister?"

Yes that's a lot, but Worldly-Working-2683 explains:

I (36f) just got engaged to my better half (43m) two weeks ago.

My sister (28f) who has always been spoiled and coddled by my parents was dumped by her long term boyfriend (of 10 years!) for another woman after he graduated from medical school this past summer (she was looking forward to being a "doctor's wife" thinking she'd be bathing in rubies and pearls) and proposed to her after only a few months.

My sister is insanely jealous and competitive, she always has to be "first" and always has to "win."

I expected she'd be jealous but grossly underestimated it, she was apparently so overcome with grief she had a nervous breakdown and had to be hospitalized and then move back home with my parents.

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