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Stepdad demands bride change Christmas themed wedding, and wants an apology.

Stepdad demands bride change Christmas themed wedding, and wants an apology.


'AITA for how I reacted after my stepfather demanded I change my wedding?'

My (23F) stepfather Rick (52M) has been married to my mother for 8 years. I'm getting married to the love of my life (23M) in a few months.

My wedding will be Christmas themed, as it is my favorite holiday and I've always wanted to get married around Christmas. My stepfather, however, never liked this idea. He believes it's stupid to 'Make the lord's birthday all about yourself.'

Yesterday I went to my mother's house for her birthday, which was lovely, by the way. After dinner my stepfather pulled me aside and brought up the wedding. He demanded I change my wedding day, as it was 'too close to Christmas' even though that's kind of the point? It's not even on Christmas, it's a few days after.

I said that no, I would not change my wedding for him. He said that it was selfish to make the holidays all about me, and Christmas was the day to celebrate Christ, not me.

We got into an argument, to the point where he started screaming at me, saying I was an AH and unreasonable. I yelled at him, telling him if he didn't like it then he wouldn't come.

I stormed out of the house with my fiance, and my mother called me earlier, saying that I don't have to change the day, but please let my stepfather come. My stepfather called me an AH and asked how I could do this to him, and now he wants an apology. I'm starting to think I should apologize, AITA though?

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Wait til Stepdad finds out that there are people walking the earth, at this very moment, who were literally born on December 25.

Monotonegent says:

NTA for standing up to your step-dad.

Y T A for scheduling a wedding that time of year. It's stressful enough for normal people before throwing a wedding in there.

randallbabbage says:

Don't apologize. You don't owe him shit. If he doesn't want to show up because of his beliefs that's his choice. But no one has the right to determine when you should be married. Keep the date and the apology.

Sk111W says:

NTA 'It's selfish not to plan your wedding entirely around my religious beliefs'

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