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An early shortlist of the 9 biggest bridezillas of the year.

An early shortlist of the 9 biggest bridezillas of the year.


The year is just getting off to a start and we're already loading up with bridezillas, groomzillas, guestzillas and in-lawzillas. We've gone through all the latest posts on Reddit's Bridezilla subreddit, and selected these infuriating posts.

1. The bride who wants her deposit back based on 'lifestyle' concerns.

2. There's no risk here, you sound entitled.

3. This is going to be my year...and no one else's.

4. Just 'certain requests'...

5. Maybe she's got a point?

6. AITA - Bride has declined 3 of my outfits and expects me to buy a brand new one???

My best friend is getting married but she is suuch a bridezilla!

Context- she knew she will be getting married this year but never confirmed a date until this week, and has confirmed a date for next week!!! It will be a very small informal wedding (approx 15 people). I recently got married myself, had a massive wedding so I have a lot of new outfits never worn in different colours and also a lot of debt that I'm still paying off.

I showed her 3 outfits and they got rejected because one was pink which she doesn't like, ones too dark and ones the wrong 'style'. She expects me to buy a new dress but realistically I'm not spending more than £60 as I will be helping her with transporting others to the venue and back, and errands on the day/day before the wedding, and have gotten her a gift.

I have 7 days total to choose a new outfit, order it and hope it arrives on time .. atm I can't find nothing online within my budget! Feel like just saying I'm not buying a new outfit just pick 1 from the 3 I have. AITA?

7. Definitely pick your bridesmaids based on looks. You'll be sure to have a happy life with values like that.

8. It's fine, you can do a 'payment plan' with me...

9. Forcing yourself into a wedding party is a great idea.

Looking forward to what the rest of the year brings. If you enjoyed this, check out our terrible bosses of the year so far.

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