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This bride is asking friends to 'apply' to be in her bridal party with list of expectations.

This bride is asking friends to 'apply' to be in her bridal party with list of expectations.


Being asked to be in a bridal party can be an honor, but it's also an expensive time commitment of planning multiple events in group chats, coordinating phallic sequined decorations, wearing matching 'bride squad' bikinis, and acting like your best friend is normal when she's crying about flowers...

Usually the bride chooses her bridal party by sending a cute card or bottle of wine, but what about forcing your friends to apply for the unpaid job of project managing your wedding events? This bride's demands for her 'team bride' were posted on Reddit and the jury of wedding etiquette internet strangers were ready to deliberate.

And here are the demands:

Is there an application fee too?

The idea of being clear about your expectations and letting your friends choose whether or not it's something they can afford/want to do is not bad, but is anyone actually going to apply? It's always important to remember that nobody, not even your parents, will care about your wedding as much as you do.

Here's what people had to say about this formal vetting process for the people who are obligated to hold your gown while you pee:

HolyShonks said:

Her expectations aren't that bad but who is this person who thinks people are going to fall over themselves to be in the bridal party??

tundybundo said:

If this was someone I was close enough to to WANT to be a bridesmaid, I would be hurt that I was asked to apply and wouldn’t do it. If this was someone I wasn’t close enough to want to be a bridesmaid, I would think it was super awkward and not apply. I don’t understand who this would appeal to


The requirements of the rules are okay, but the tone is so condescending

muclover said:

You know, when you have good friends you should know what they are like and how they would behave. No need for applications, just pick people properly.

Looks like the general opinion was a resounding 'why?'

Sources: Reddit
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