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'Un-estranged' uncle ambushes bride at wedding, 'you don’t know who I am?'

'Un-estranged' uncle ambushes bride at wedding, 'you don’t know who I am?'


Forget Santa's method, engaged couples need to check their guests lists more than twice before getting married...

Even for couples planning an intimate gathering, a small crew of close friends can rapidly turn into an arena-sized crowd when you add up plus-ones and your mom's great aunt's college friend's husband's favorite coworker. So, when a former bride decided to vent about an awkward moment on her wedding day, the gloriously judgmental internet strangers of Reddit's 'Wedding Shaming' group were ready to weigh in.

Mom’s “un-estranged” brother ambushes and tries to embarrass me at my wedding...

This happened nearly 15 years ago, but an upcoming family vacation reminded me of it. My mom and her middle brother were estranged for the majority of my life. They only reconnected when their oldest brother died unexpectedly.

I met this man for the first time in my entire life when I was in my early twenties and then for a grand total of 10 minutes before I rushed out the door to go to class (I was in university, living at home.)

Around five years later, I got engaged and my mom asked me to invite my uncle and aunt. Sure, I have the space in my guest list and we’re all trying to repair decades of familial estrangement.

So after a whirlwind day of bliss, my husband and I were enjoying some time just chatting with friends when this man comes up to me and says, “I bet you don’t know who I am, do you?” (Or something to that effect, it was 15 years ago.)

I start racking my brain to figure out who this person is thinking it is one of my husband’s step brothers that we had been forced to invite or some other random person like that.

Nope, it was my uncle who then promptly went to tell my mom that I had no clue who he was. Well, no s**t Sherlock, I’ve met you once. Enjoy the meal and drinks and ambiance one my dime and don’t try to embarrass me. He still brings it whenever my parents visit and now I’m faced with seeing him again since then...

Of course, the jury of wedding shamers was eager to weigh in on this one. Here's what people had to say:

Yorkie_Mom_2 said:

I am the only sibling who doesn’t live in my hometown. I have a very large extended family. I had moved away 35 years earlier. A man appeared at my mother’s “viewing” the night before her funeral.

This man looked very familiar, but I couldn’t place him. I assumed it was yet another relative I hadn’t seen in years. I started asking my siblings who he was, and they didn’t know either. When he got to me in line, I introduced myself. It turns out it was my ex-husband. I hadn’t seen him in over 30 years.

freya_of_milfgaard said:

My father’s best friend turned to me at my rehearsal dinner and barked out, “Jack & Coke.” I was wearing a poofy white tulle skirt - definitely not what the servers were wearing. I just stuttered back, “um, I’m the bride?! But you can order at the bar over there…” At least he had the decency to be embarrassed and it became a funny story, but I was definitely taken aback in the moment!

pauz43 said:

Next time the jerk starts telling that story say 'I still don't know who you are. Do you have a DNA test you could show me?' Seems like there's a good reason for him being estranged from your mother. Perhaps it should remain that way?

DerthOFdata said:

If you weren't in the wedding dress he wouldn't have know who you were either.

KaleidoscopeGreat973 said:

When you visit him, you could bring a peace offering - a name tag with UNCLE [UNCLE'S NAME] in big letters. If you're willing to poke the bear, you could give him one that says UNCLE [SIMILAR NAME TO UNCLE'S].

Is it really a wedding without a bit of formerly estranged family drama? Light a candle for this family and all of their future holidays.

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