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Man leaves bride at the altar when woman yells, 'I object,' niece calls him out. AITA?

Man leaves bride at the altar when woman yells, 'I object,' niece calls him out. AITA?


"AITA for calling my uncle and a-hole when he abandoned the bride at the altar?"


I (15F) met my uncle’s then fiancée when they were both in their mid 20s. We’ll call the fiance Marie for privacy purposes. Marie and my uncle met in university and they dated for a while until my uncle proposed around four years after graduating. She of course said yes and they started planning the wedding. A few months had passed since the proposal and it was the awaited day of their wedding.

I, as one of the family members, went to visit my uncle in his room. He was on his phone the entire time and I didn’t think much of it then. When I was watching the video of my uncle saying a few words for his bride, his voice was monotone like he was reading a grocery list.

Most people didn’t notice and just told each other he was nervous etc., I was slightly suspicious but I just kept quiet. When it was the time for the wedding, we noticed my uncle looked bored and out of place.

My cousin and I were talking about it until the bride started to walk down the aisle. Everyone was all smiles but my uncle. He wasn’t crying or smiling brightly. He didn’t smile at all. When it came to the question, "Should anyone present know of any reason that this couple should not be joined in holy matrimony, speak now or forever hold your peace," one woman said “I object."

People were shocked and the woman started to speak. “Please, (uncle’s name), come back to me. I know you still love me!” She begged over and over again. My mouth flew open as my uncle caved and walked towards her. Marie immediately (and reasonably) broke down. Marie and I were good friends, so I obviously felt obligated to step in.

Nobody else did, so I just held my tongue. While the groom and the other woman started to walk down the aisle, I just told them something I shouldn’t have once they passed me. I told them “You’re an a-hole and I hope you’re never forgiven.” It just slipped out of my mouth and I bit my tongue when I had realized what I said.

My uncle looked at me with wide eyes and he just walked away faster. Nobody has had any contact with him at all and I think it’s my fault, because the best man had pinned the blame on me for my uncle cutting contact with the family after what I had said. AITA?

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NTA your uncle is honestly an idiot for what he did and you were the only one brave enough to say anything and if that actually is the reason for him cutting contact with the family that just shows what a hypocrite he is.


NTA. Your family and other guests should do the same, but it looks like they see no problem with your uncle being an a-hole...


A 15-year-old's comment is not the reason he isn't in contact. Its because he's embarrassed, ashamed and doesn't know how to explain his actions to his family. You have nothing to do with it. The best man just didn't know how to defend his buddy's actions and decided to blame a child. NTA.


NTA your uncle and the woman who objected are the AH’s.


NTA. I doubt your uncle cut contact for what you said to him so the best man should have kept that ignorant comment to himself. Your uncle and that woman who showed up to the wedding are both major ah. The uncle is nc because he is embarrassed especially if the relationship he abandoned Marie for is not turning out how he expected.


A man wasted money and the time of his guests leaving his wedding. A woman interrupted a wedding for some bizarre and inappropriate act. Not to mention how hurt the poor bride must have been. Decorum left that wedding a while ago, NTA. Screaming at the groom was the cherry on top that shit pie, you're uncle kinda deserved it.


NTA. He WAS an a-hole and there's no way the lack of contact is your fault - most likely its because the majority if your family shares your opinion. Also - have you asked relatives why they have no contact?? And - you're 15, so it was recent, yes??? When he comes back into your life don't hesitate to remind him hes a prick...


NTA Your uncle though, definitely an A. Why would he even consider marrying someone when he's not over someone else. That's just betrayal on so many levels. He probably hasn't contacted anyone out of shame (understandably.)

I mean imagine organizing a wedding, getting family and friends together only to abandon the bride in front of everyone for another lady. That's beyond cringe worthy. Just ignore the best man trying to blame you. He's just bring irrational and emotional.

So, do you think the OP did anything wrong here? Do you think there in a chance he will try to reconnect with the family? If you could talk to the abandoned bride, what would you tell her?

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