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Vegan bridesmaid 'ruins' bride's wedding, says 'I was really hungry.'

Vegan bridesmaid 'ruins' bride's wedding, says 'I was really hungry.'


Everyone knows the classic joke: 'How do you know who is vegan at a wedding?' 'Don't worry they'll tell you'...

Unfortunately, vegan wedding food is usually either completely unavailable or a sad side plate of wilting greens that forced a panicked catering crew to pick off all the cheese.

So, when a vegan bridesmaid decided to vent to the moral compass of the internet about how she caused an awkward scene when she was a hungry at a wedding, people were ready to deem a verdict.

'AITA (Am I the As*hole) for pissing off the bride at her wedding?'

I (26F) was friends with my friend from high school. She had a wedding in November and she invited me as a bridesmaid. I happily accepted and asked her if she could accommodate me being vegan and she should she could.

A month before the wedding she said at her guest list went 52 to 48. She said her aunt has a miscarriage and her, her husband and their children won’t be coming.

The venue won’t allow more than 2 choices of entrees for parties under 50 and she had already picked a fish and beef option. I asked her to make one of her options vegan and she said she already had everyone choose what they wanted and there was only 1 vegan (me).

She told me she would give me a 50 dollar Uber gift card and I could order whatever I wanted and have it delivered. I wasn’t happy about it but decided there wasn’t anything to be done.

During the wedding I ordered food but the Uber didn’t come early enough so I didn’t have a entree. I ate more of the appetizer and was really hungry. I had a bridesmaid speech after the ceremony and started by joking about the venue not wanting vegans attending and how hungry I was. The rest of the speech was about their love and everything.

The bride took me aside and ripped into me after the speech for “ruining her wedding” which was over the top. I told her it was just a joke but she was pissed and now months after the wedding she won’t talk to me.'s what the wedding shamers had to say about this plant-based mess:

Bitter-Conflict-4089 said:

YTA (You're the As*hole). It wasn’t your wedding and the bride went WAY out of her way to accommodate you. This is the kind of crap that makes people strongly dislike vegans. Stop being such a princess. The world is not required to cater to your choices.

Moonlightprincess36 said:

Ummm. I mean that sucks and all but you knew ahead of time, so a 50$ gift card seems pretty generous. It seems pretty gauche to make a dig at the venue during your toast to the bride and groom!

Like yeah, not having food sucks but you didn’t find out at the venue suddenly, she gave you a heads up. You should have made sure to pack snacks and have your meal come in time. YTA.

verucka-salt said:

YTA. You proved that a vegan will tell you they’re a vegan in the first 5 minutes of conversation. The bride tried to accommodate you & it didn’t work out. You didn’t bring any snacks to nosh on whilst waiting for the Uber; that’s on you. You embarrassed the bride & she rightfully lit into you.

leannmanderson said

YTA. What is it with vegans being so damned entitled? Seriously! I have literally never met a vegan who wasn't entitled and self-centered about it and demanding special treatment and looking for any way possible to make a dig at non-vegans.

And that is what you did. You asked for special treatment so that you, the only vegan, could be catered to. You basically wanted, like, half the wedding guests to not get their preferred dish so YOU would have your preference.

And then, because your Uber Eats delivery didn't get there in time, you made a dig at the bride and, thus, all the meat eaters because YOU didn't get the special treatment you wanted. Your 'joke' was nothing more than that.

What you said: I'm super hungry by the way, because bride didn't have a vegan option. What they heard: Bride didn't cater to me so I'm gonna b*tch about it. But this could have been avoided if more of you would give up your evil meat eating ways.

MbMinx said:

YTA. When the wedding party makes speeches, the subject is SUPPOSED to be the happy couple. NOT complaints about the lack of accommodations for your singular dietary preference. Way to make it about you...Maybe 'ruined the wedding' is exaggeration, but it was definitely tacky and self-centered.

tubesweaterguru said:

YTA. The only way it would’ve been funny as a joke is if your food literally arrived during your speech. But it actually just came across as entitled, annoyed, and ungrateful.

She gave you $50 to order whatever you wanted! She could have just told you to bring some almonds and suck it up. But she didn’t. She accommodated you.

blueorchird said:

YTA. WOW just wow. No actually just mean. She did in fact ACCOMODATE you. You know that right?

[deleted] said:

YTA your speech wasn’t the time to address your personal grievances.

[deleted] said:

I have nothing against vegans, but from now on, I'm just going to save myself the trouble of reading any post containing a variation of the phrase, 'I'm a vegan,' and just automatically say, YTA.

In conclusion, fakingandnotmakingit summed it up perfectly:

YTA. So you embarrass the bride and groom even after they've done their best to accommodate you? You are exactly why vegans get a bad rep.

Note to all vegan bridesmaids: just eat before the wedding.

Sources: Reddit
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