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Wedding guest shares awkward story of MOH joking about being a 'throuple;' updated.

Wedding guest shares awkward story of MOH joking about being a 'throuple;' updated.


Inappropriate, R-rated, cocktail-fueled wedding speeches are always a risk when you let your closest friends and family members talk about your relationship into a microphone with an open bar...

Still, most people understand that weddings are family events, and grandma doesn't need to hear about the 'Ho Phase' during spring semester of sophomore year. So, when a shocked guest decided to vent to Reddit's hilariously petty 'Wedding Shaming' group about an awkwardly flirty Maid of Honor, people were ready to hear the drama.

Maid of Honor keeps making 'jokes' about a threesome with the couple publicly all wedding...

Last night was the rehearsal dinner and they had some toasts and the maid of honor got really wasted and in her speech made 2 references like 'you never know what the future could bring, maybe we will have a threesome laughs.'

It was almost funny the first time and she was wasted so whatever. Second time she referenced a threesome in the SAME SPEECH, you could see the mood in the room change to cringe and the bride and groom got really uncomfortable.

Today is the wedding and she's already hinted at it again this time saying something about a 'throuple' while people are trying to get ready!!!!!

Like this is so f*cking weird right? It really reads as 'haha funny joke...Unless?' Like for some reason she thinks this is her last shot? I sorta got the vibe she wanted the bride more than the groom and probably is half in love with her or something.

But christ. Keep it to yourself on their WEDDING DAY??? NOBODY needs to hear how you want to f*ck the couple and it's just sad and extra cringe if she is just lusting after the bride and she shouldn't have agreed to be the maid of honor.

I don't know her at all but I hope one of their other friends says something. The ceremony hasn't even started yet and we have a long day ahead of us.

Later, they updated the post to include more details...

Update...I talked to the bride's sister first. I am a chicken and was afraid to go right to the MoH and had to psyche myself up for even this.

Basically the MoH was roommates with the bride (y'all called it) and isn't happy she's being kicked out of the house (the bride owns btw) now that they are getting married. The groom lived with them too for about a year and a half and all 3 were good friends before they ever got together.

Everyone values their friendships and are trying to ignore it bcus it's been hard on her. Sister doesn't think it's unrequited love, she thinks its bitterness from losing her 'bestie' to her other bestie. But idk that sounds like infatuation to me at least.

Bride's sister said she would confront maid of honor because yeah it is f*cked. She didn't think anyone else was picking up on it but that's embarrassing af Ceremony hasn't happened yet. We shall see.

Here's what the jury of wedding shamers had to say about this mess...

Mehitabel9 said:

Someone would be doing her a huge favor if they would just take her aside and tell her that her 'jokes' are falling flat and giving everyone the cringes.

sassybsassy said:

Why is no one speaking to this woman? There are how many people involved in the wedding? I'm talking about the bride, groom, bridal party, groomsmen and everyone else.

There has to be at least one person with the smarts to talk to this woman and let her know that her 'jokes' aren't funny and are actually making the BRIDE uncomfortable.

Even if you don't know this person that well she needs to be told to stfu about this throuple sh*t already. It's not funny. Nor is it appropriate to add to her speech. Maybe she shouldn't be giving a speech at this point. The poor bride.

toady-bear said:

One sexual joke: that was awkward but they were just trying to be funny.

Two sexual jokes: oh… this is what they think about when they’re alone at night… :|

Madame_Kitsune98 said:

Honestly, if I were the bride? After the second go-round, I’d have confronted her. And told her that her cringe-inducing weirdness is not welcome, and this is the last chance.

If she can’t keep it to herself, other people will say something, and I’ll be more than happy to have her removed. But, I’d rather be short a bridesmaid than have to be super embarrassed by that. That’s just…ew. Time and place.

Khaleesi-AF said:

Yikes on so many bikes. Speeches should be bride and groom's proofed lol. Once I heard a bride say on her speech that the groom followed her around like a puppy and she finally relented to go on a date with him out of pitty. Lordy.

Bennie212 said:

I don't think she's joking at all and the fact she is making the couple uncomfortable shows she is way past out of line. I would probably tell her to stop because she isn't funny. I can picture her getting wasted and either kissing or groping the bride or groom at the reception.

Yikes...good luck to everyone involved here, because this wedding is about to get interesting. Hopefully this couple has enough room in their honeymoon suite for their new guest.

Sources: Reddit
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