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Wedding invite gets lost in mail, groom demands $200 gift, 'I'll still let you come.'

Wedding invite gets lost in mail, groom demands $200 gift, 'I'll still let you come.'


'I guess it got lost in the mail' is a classic excuse when you're trying to bail on an event, but sometimes their are actual errors...

If one of your guests doesn't respond to your wedding invitation do you: 1) follow up in a kind email, text, or second invitation OR 2) send them an utterly unhinged thread with a random and rescinded plus-one?

So, when a woman decided to vent to the gloriously petty 'Wedding Shaming' group of Reddit about her partner's cousin's wedding-related entitlement, people were ready to gossip.

Lost invitation, not allowed in photos and expected to provide $200+ wedding gift...

My SO and I (both 30) have been together for 12 years and have a 1 year old (This part is relevant in a bit). We both come from large families (lots of Aunt's/Uncle's, cousins and second cousins).

So big family weddings are the norm for us. So one of SO cousins (25M) is getting married next weekend, but we didn't find out until last weekend.

We live six hours away from the wedding and don't know anyone besides immediate family in that town. The way we found out about the wedding was from a very strongly worded email sent to my SO by his cousin along the lines of 'it is completely horrible that you can't be bothered to RSVP to my wedding, I will still let you come if you get us x gift (gift cost more than $200).'

My SO trying to figure out WTF was going on called his Dad, who let him know that invites went out six months ago. We never received one (lived in the same home for 4 years) and we hadn't heard from the bride or groom in months.

SO very politely (it this was really hard for him to do because he is a very confrontational person) let his cousin know that: A. We didn't receive a invite B. Would try to make something work with getting there if we could.

These conversations and emails all happened with about two hours. By the time SO got a reply a few days had passed but this time this was the response ' it's not our fault you can't keep track of your mail.

OP can come but you will need to find someone in town to look after 1 year old as we don't want any crying during our wedding. Also OP can't be in any photos as she is only temporary and you are not going to stay together.

We don't want our pictures ruined. And she will need to provide her own meal. If you can't gift us the desired gift we expected the $200 in cash.'

Now let's remember SO and I have been together for 12 years, we just never found the time or money to get married but apparently that is 'temporary' compared to this Cousin's second or maybe it's their third wedding at the age of 25.

I outright said I'm not going because I don't want a stranger in a strange town looking after my baby and obviously my relationship with SO is not seen as anything important to his cousin.

SO wrote back to his cousin and said 'No way get F*****'. About 50% of his family are supporting us in this decision because apparently there has been ALOT of outrageous demands from this couple.

Here's what people had to say:

flipflop180 said:

Ok, part of me wants you to go to the wedding and sit at your table eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a paper plate, drinking from a big red solo cup that you refill out of a liter bottle of Pepsi! The rest of me is so happy your SO told his cousin to f-off!

rapt2right said:

Why would you want to attend this wedding? Send a nicely wrapped etiquette book (hardcover, you wouldn't want to appear cheap) along with your well wishes that the couple enjoy all the happiness they deserve and then enjoy your weekend.

MyLadyBits said:

Invitation was never sent. This is pure gaslighting by cousin in an attempt to get $$.

88stardestroyer said:

Yes, stay home and enjoy the weekend. The entitlement seems obscene on the cousin's part.

n0th3r3t0mak3fr13nds said:

People who don’t recognize the validity of unmarried couples in otherwise committed relationships are being intentionally sh*tty.

Littleballoffur22 said:

I would’ve showed up with McDonalds, cus it has that distinctive smell. Slurp my soda loudly and gifted them $200 of Monopoly money. Then I would’ve tried to photo bomb as many photos as possible.

Welp...good luck to the happy couple (not the one getting married, though)!

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