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Events planner shares the story a 'breakup party' disguised as a wedding.

Events planner shares the story a 'breakup party' disguised as a wedding.


Being a wedding planner surely comes with a long series of hilariously dramatic bridezillas, attention-stealing in-laws, or tipsy family members, but what about when the wedding is actually a 'surprise, we broke up' party?

So, when a seasoned events planner decided to vent to the hilariously petty and judgmental 'Wedding Shaming' group of Reddit about the wedding-that-never-was, people were dying for every last detail.

Been planning a wedding for over a year and a week before the newlyweds announced they are breaking up...

So I’m an events planner and have a bunch of weddings. One particular couple I started working with a year ago were so in love (in my eyes), they were so simple and the wedding would have been so cozy and sweet.

Well all good things must come to an end. When we were finishing up and I had just a few more questions for the couple I sent an email (a week before the actual celebration) and got no response.

That was weird as the couple was so excited and texted, called and emailed me basically every day and responded to me in minutes.

The day after I sent another email and got a response just from the bride (the groom wasn’t cc’d) that they were no longer going through with the wedding and they can not promise their love for each other.

It was quite the shock, but a lot of money was on the line so I started calling up vendors to cancel.

Fast forward another day or two I get an email from the bride explaining that the wedding day was so special to them and they’ve been waiting for it for so long that they decided to actually do a celebration after all.

The catch is - they (remember the THEY) called it a “breaking up” party, they did not inform their guests that it wasn’t a wedding, all the guests came all glammed up, while the “bride” wore black and the groom was a no show. I have to say it was one hell of a party but there is more…

Apparently the “groom” didn’t even know about this. The “bride” didn’t want to lose the money they prepayed, the problem is - all the money came from the groom's account.

Since the groom rarely replied to our conversation I saw no problem, I’ve always talked mainly to the bride, the groom only joined in during the face to face meetings. This is a messy one and wonder if this happesn often.

Here's what the jury of wedding shamers had to say about this one:

Blue_Camellia said:

After the second paragraph: 'Oh, that's sad :(' After reading the rest: 'What the... ?! O.O'

burnerbetty7 said:

It's like...I want to know more and I also don't, ooooh absolutely messy.

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