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Wedding vendor shares awkward story of 'Oedipus and Freud' mother-of-the groom.

Wedding vendor shares awkward story of 'Oedipus and Freud' mother-of-the groom.


We've heard of mother-in-laws showing up to weddings in white lace gowns, awkward drunken speeches from the best man, and financial tension between the bridesmaids, but the best perspective on a wedding is usually from the staff...

Nobody knows how the family feels about the couple getting married more than the bartender pouring unlimited liquor for approximately six hours. So, when a wedding vendor decided to vent to the gloriously petty 'Wedding Shaming' group about a horribly awkward rehearsal dinner, people were ready for the family wedding gossip.

It’s giving Oedipus and Freud vibes...

I work at a venue and have to tell this story that I witnessed a little while ago. First of all it was an 85 PERSON rehearsal dinner. And 150 person party after the dinner. I don’t even know 85 people much less to have them at my rehearsal dinner. But to each their own. This is really about the mother of the groom.

Bride seems to be a beautiful but quiet woman. Groom seems nice and very likable. Bride is wearing a beautiful white dress with a few statement bows. MOG shows up also wearing a tissue white, long blouse with a huge bow. Weird. She also refuses to leave her son’s side.

Coddling him and asking him if everything is fine every 5 minutes. She was also just very rude to the staff. We quickly find out she is also a huge micro manager.

Just from an employee perspective: she changed from buffet to dinner service at the last possible second (then got mad that it took longer), complained “this wine selection sucks” even though she picked it out, would tell the staff that the groom is complaining only to find out that the groom did not actually have a problem she just wanted his attention on her. Etc.

Then the toasts happened. The groom’s siblings, father, multiple childhood friends, college friends all made toasts. Not a single person from the bride’s side got to do one. I was told that since the MOG paid for the rehearsal dinner she decided who got to give a toast and left the bride with nothing.

When the groom gave a toast he spent half of it talking about his mom, called her the most beautiful woman on Earth, and gave her two cheek kisses throughout. I didn’t notice tension but I did notice the bride did not speak to the mother-of-the-groom at all despite her always being beside groom.

Now independently none of these actions would make me think twice. But the white, the toasts leaving out the bride, the clinginess, and the grooms toast was all so odd.'s what the jury of wedding shamers had to say:

JHawk444 said:

Who calls their mom the most beautiful women in the world when his soon to be wife is sitting next to him? Weird.

coffeebeanwitch said:

They are doomed.

Danivelle said:

My doves, ALWAYS take a really close look at a guy's relationship with his mom and sisters before the engagement!!! If it's icky or he puts her/them first before the wedding, he will continue to do so afterwards!!

painforpetitdej said:


Later, they shared an update on the actual wedding day:

After some major internet sleuthing I can confirm the wedding did happen and the MOG wore black to it. Lmao maybe she was in mourning.

Good luck to this bride and her newfound inevitable monster-in-law. Future family holidays are about the become horror shows...

Sources: Reddit
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