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Wedding venue employee finds bride asleep on the toilet 2 nights in a row.

Wedding venue employee finds bride asleep on the toilet 2 nights in a row.


Drinking one glass of champagne too many at your own wedding is usually a relatively harmless situation, but what happens when the stress of the event is so much that your body decides to shut down before you can enjoy the honeymoon suite?

So, when a wedding venue employee decided to vent to the gloriously petty and judgmental 'Wedding Shaming' group on Reddit about a sleeping beauty of a bride, people were ready to let the roasting session begin.

Bride passes out on toilet at her own wedding...

So for a basic understanding of the story, I was not a part of the wedding, I work in a hotel that has wedding what feels like 24/7, but from all my time working there this was my first time seeing a same sex wedding, and coming from quite a conservative country I was excited to get to be a part of the special day.

The day before the wedding, the wedding party and one of the brides showed up to help set everything up for the ceremony, they were such lovely people and there was this really cute thing she was doing for her mother who had recently passed away and she just wanted to make sure it was all in place.

The wedding went extremely well and nothing out of the ordinary happened, until later around 2 am that night, most of the wedding was up in the ballroom (which had its own toilets) which is pretty separated from the rest of the hotel, but the night guard was checking all the toilets for toilet rolls and emptying trashcans and walked into the disabled and baby changing toilets to finish up.

The bride was passed out on the toilet, baby changing station was open and it had multiple lines of c*ke on it, where was the other bride? Upstairs in bed.

Safe to say our night guard was extremely shocked, and some of the boys who were still working at the bar had to help him get her to bed. The next day I found her passed out in the woman’s toilet, which is how I found out the story from the night before.

Honestly I feel like everyone in hospitality has a story like this but I found this one so funny so I thought I’d share.

Later, they edited the post to include:

No drugs were actually consumed by the bride, that’s why the staff sent her to bed but not before checking to make sure she was ok. Secondly the bride had said the next day when I found her in the bathroom that she had fallen asleep because she had been so stressed out from the wedding.

She was exhausted and just passed out (not in a fainting way but in a tired way). Third when I said I lived in a conservative country I meant towards lgbtq people not towards other things like drugs hope this clear it up a bit.

Passing out on the toilet one time is understandable, but twice? She must've found it pretty cozy...

Still, why didn't this bride's new wife wonder where she was? Were there no bridesmaids running around making sure every hair and flower was in place (far away from the toilet)? Having a laugh with your coworkers about the clumsy customers is normal, but only if everyone is safe. If she was indeed falling asleep in the bathroom because of exhaustion and nothing else...that is pretty hilarious and relatable. Of course, fellow wedding vendors and internet strangers everywhere were ready to unpack this mess. Here's what people had to say:

eclecticladee said:

Where was her crew? The lemme hold your dress up or your hair back kind of friends? Fire the bridesmaids and groomsmen, please.

haveyouseenthebridge said:

The real mystery is how a full grown woman got herself situated comfortable enough on a baby changing station, while wearing a wedding dress no less.

Sirena_Amazonica said:

Her wife wasn't even looking for her on their wedding night? She went to bed, or maybe she also passed out. I hope for their sake that they get some kind of help.

Remember to get your beauty sleep before the big day, everyone. Wedding planning is exhausting, but if you can't find your wife...check the bathroom?

Sources: Reddit
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