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Groom accused of 'ruining marriage' after telling joke during wedding vows. AITA?

Groom accused of 'ruining marriage' after telling joke during wedding vows. AITA?


"AITA for telling my wife she overreacted over a joke I told at our wedding?"

My now wife and I got married days ago. I gotta say that I have a thing for comedy, I like to tell random jokes at random times. I intended on telling a joke at the wedding but my wife got worked up saying she didn't feel comfortable with it. I told her it wouldn't be one of those dark ones that we enjoy in private.

The wedding took place, and after saying our vows I jokingly said 'Til dishes do us a part' instead of 'Til death do us apart' the guests found this funny. My wife however, went off on me afterwards and started yelling about how I went out of line with this joke and said that I embarrassed her and made our start of marriage look like a joke.

I told her she overreacted over a joke but she got more angry and started giving me the silent treatment though she's occasionally saying I ruined the marriage since my family are now running with the joke.

Here's what people had to say:

Witch_on_a_moped writes:

YTA. Those were your wedding vows. There's nothing more annoying when someone thinks they have to be funny all the time. And your joke wasn't even funny. I'd be livid you ruined such a important moment with a shitty joke to get some guests to awkward laugh.

Cutielov5 writes:

He made a sexist joke. Hahaha so funny!/s. If she stops doing the dishes you’ll divorce her. What a great memory to have on your wedding day during the moment that was supposed to represent how you’re going to take care of each other in life.

burner1234456yyy writes:

Lot of these people are going a bit overboard. It was badly timed but not divorce level thing. Just apologise and say you messed up and both of yous will laugh about in 20 years

doobie3101 writes:

Some of these people need to go outside more. Not every human interaction is going to be perfect, and not every imperfect interaction makes you an AH.

allyniev writes:

People are saying to divorce and file for an annulment because of a joke?? Was it in poor taste? Absolutely because it wasn’t the time nor place and she asked him not to tell one. Was it funny? Depends who you ask. I’m a woman and I thought I was funny.

Had my husband to be cracked that joke, I would have come back with a one liner. I’m going to say YTA because it upset your wife. But some commenters obviously have no sense of humor.

icansmokewmyvag writes:

NTA lmao you swapped ONE WORD, dishes for death. I don’t see how you guys got to the point of marriage being on such different pages.

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