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Woman asks if she's 'unreasonable' to forbid BIL from getting married at 'her' venue.

Woman asks if she's 'unreasonable' to forbid BIL from getting married at 'her' venue.


What is the proper protocol for telling your newly engaged family members that you think you're the only person in history who is allowed to get married at a popular wedding venue?

Yes, every couple getting married would prefer that the venue staff treats their wedding as the only wedding to ever exist, but most people are at least slightly grounded in reality. So, when a conflicted former bride decided to consult a Facebook group about an awkward situation with her brother-in-law, her question ended up on the gloriously petty and judgmental world of Reddit's 'Wedding Shaming.' Shamers, unite!

Plain text version:

My BIL recently got engaged. I love them both and we get along really well. However, yesterday my brother told my husband that they are very strongly considering (maybe even already booked) their wedding for the same location that my husband and I got married.

I'm furious! I feel like they are trying to upstage my wedding and take that special place away from us (Hubby and I also had our first date there). We live in a very popular wedding location so it's not like there aren't other places to choose from.

My husband told his brother it was weird, but I don't know if he will express my frustrations or if the point really got across. I want to say something but don't want to come across as rude. Am I being unreasonable? Anyone have nice ways I could say this to my BIL of his fiancé?

Of course, the jury of internet shamers was prepared to rip this entitled (former) bride apart. Here's what people had to say:

imaginmatrix said:

My fiancé and I went to our friends’ wedding, and then went to another wedding a year later at the same venue, and now WE are considering it for OUR venue lol. People are so weird.

ZookeepergameRight47 said:

Who would care about this? My SIL is engaged right now, and she asked about the venue my husband and I used. I encouraged her to look into it and book it because it was great and affordable! I want her to have a fabulous wedding too!

bestdays12 said:

You know your wedding is cancelled out if she decides to use your venue right??

Deliciously_Frothy said:

Everyone knows that once you have a wedding, the venue shuts down never to be used again. That’s sustainable, right?

Ok-Ant-3456 said:

I’d like to book your venue. Ok, for your wedding day? No, forever.

So, there you have it!

Everyone agreed unanimously for this one that this woman is indeed being completely unreasonable as her wedding's memory doesn't vanish if someone in her family has their own wedding there. Good luck, everyone!

Sources: Reddit
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