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Woman attends destination bachelorette party only to get surprised with a $340 bill.

Woman attends destination bachelorette party only to get surprised with a $340 bill.


Attending a destination bachelorette party can be an expensive journey between booking travel, taking time off work, attending fancy dinners and wondering why you're still required to purchase an air fryer from the registry...

So, when a frustrated wedding guest decided to consult the gloriously petty 'Wedding Shaming' group on Reddit about her experience with an overpriced and confusing destination wedding,

$340 bachelorette dinner surprise bill after destination wedding...

At the beginning of the summer, my boyfriend and I went down to Puerto Rico for his cousin's destination wedding. She's a lawyer and pretty wealthy. The wedding was fancy to say the least.

I don't know if anyone else has ever had a similar experience but every second of the trip was scheduled. Apparently destination weddings are like that..? After a 13 hour flight, we arrive at the airbnb. I'm immediately told that I need to get dressed up because we are both supposed to head to the bachelor and bachelorette party.

Going with the flow, I throw on a dress and head to dinner. When I get there, a table of 20 has already been drinking. It was a three-course meal with a set menu. A couple appys had already been eaten but most of the food had yet to arrive. The food was delicious and the drinks were great.

I had a pork shank, seafood appys and it was super tasty. The restaurant was fancy and trendy but did not give off a crazy expensive vibe. Even so, I wasn't too worried about the price, so I didn't ask. That was a mistake.

We finished and instinctively everyone got up to go. I asked the maid of honor about paying my tab and was told we would work it out later. They had put the whole tab on their card and had the receipt for working out all the details.

My internal alarm bells were going off because this isn't the way I like to take care of things. But, I was ready to pay my portion and can assert myself. Some dinners were included with the wedding and others weren't. I decided to just roll with it and deal with it later.

The trip was a whirlwind of scheduled meals, rehearsals and events. It was exhausting and insane but I was happy to do it. 2 days after I get home, I get a message from the maid of honor asking to square up the Bachelorette dinner bill. My portion: $243 USD. I live in Canada so this worked out to over $300.

Now I get that you can drop that kind of money on drinks and fancy food. It can be done. However, for that kind of money, you should be eating like a prime cut of steak or something that equates to the value, not a pork shank.

Without question, the Bride is a fancy gal. She likes fancy restaurants and expensive things. We ate at a lot of fancy places and I paid for a lot of fancy meals. None of those bills or their menu items came close to the tab at the bachelorette dinner.

I paid up my portion because I said I would. I didn't bring it up to the bride but there might come a day where I will. Either way, it was a really sh*tty thing to do. Everybody sitting at that table was a lawyer with a huge income.

I fully support the bride in doing something to celebrate her approaching wedding and I get that she has greater means than I do. Still, I should have gotten a heads up, especially considering that no other meal cost anywhere near that much.

The most expensive dinner in comparison cost $110 CAD per person. If I had known, I would have bailed and blamed the jetlag. F*ck that pork shank.

Of course, the jury of passionate internet strangers were eager to weigh in on this bachelorette drama. Here's what people had to say:

lizeken said:

Dude I absolutely would not have paid that. I would’ve demanded an itemized receipt because what the f*ck are you eating by yourself that’s over $300????

RowanRaven said:

It sounds like you paid for everyone else’s bar tab. They were drinking before you even got there. They must have ordered some rather expensive stuff.

Dramatic-but-Aware said:

It is so weird to have a set menu without letting you know the price beforehand. Also $200+ for a fixed meal is a lot, its the kind of price you get at fine dinning award winning restaurants. Idk, feels odd, like maybe you paid more than you should have, other people's drinks, or the bill was not split correctly. Still super wrong to not give you a heads up.

seoullimited said:

That was beyond tacky. People like that suck in general

So, there you have it!

Everyone agreed unanimously here that this woman probably ended up paying for more than what her tab was and next time she should demand to see the total bill. Regardless, this behavior from the bride and her friends was tacky and inconsiderate. Good luck, everyone!

Sources: Reddit
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