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Woman asks if husband can drink at sister's dry wedding; says 'he won't come if not.'

Woman asks if husband can drink at sister's dry wedding; says 'he won't come if not.'


AITA for telling my sister that I won't attend her wedding since my husband won't attend due to 'no alcohol ' rule?

My younger sister is getting married soon. My husband and I received an invitation and learned that there won't be any alcohol served at the wedding. My husband...let's say he wasn't too thrilled with this and asked if I could talk to my sister and see if she'd make an exception for him since he hates going to loud events with no alcohol.

I talked to her and she refused his request. He said he won't come then which freaked me out. I called her and told her about his decision but she acted so casually about it and said 'as he likes.'

I told her it wouldn't be a big deal if she said yes to the request but she flipped out on me saying we know how her fiance is a former alcoholic and doesn't want this 'substance' anywhere near him on his big day. My husband chimed in and said, 'If homeboy is scared of having alcohol nearby, then he's not mature enough for marriage.'

My sister got into a fight with him and told him it's her and fiance's wedding. My husband was like 'okay cool no pressure', and decided not to go. I decided to not go as well. My sister got upset and said I was bring unfair to be willing to miss her wedding for no good reason. Our parents got in the middle and scolded me for my decision and said my sister won't forget it if I miss her wedding over this.

Here's what people had to say about OP and her 'alcoholic' husband:

PrinxeBailey writes:

YTA and your husband kinda sounds like an alcoholic.

PenPenLane writes:

Wow… and you let your husband be this way toward your sister? YTA

Nyxmyst_ writes:

By all the little gods....YTA....and even more so...your Husband is TA.

He cannot handle one evening without alcohol? Sad. Worse, knowing that your sisters soon to be husband is a dry / recovered alcoholic definitely constitutes a very good reason for a dry wedding and reception - he responds by saying that the fiancee is too immature for marriage?

I would turn that right back around and say anyone who cannot go for a day without alcohol definitely needs to grow up.

You're TA because you are going to miss a major event in your sisters life because your husband is throwing a tantrum that he cannot drink for a few hours. I have to admit I'm not impressed by this situation in the least and am very disappointed for both your sister and her future husband. Shame on you both.

TrumpetCop writes:

Your husband's an alcoholic, and both of you are YTA. Its HER day, not yours. As family you SHOULD be there if there's no good reason to miss. He can drink at home. Petty, table for two. Grow up.

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