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Woman who barely knew the bride shares horror story from 'the worst bachelorette.'

Woman who barely knew the bride shares horror story from 'the worst bachelorette.'


Matching pink sunglasses, party favors, unlimited bottles of rosé, and multiple group chats requesting Venmo payments--attending a bachelorette party can be an expensive, exhausting, and booze-ridden journey...

While in theory a fun weekend celebrating a bride-to-be should be stress-free, the reality is often a crash course in credit card debt. So, when a stunned bachelorette party guest decided to vent to the gloriously petty and judgmental 'Wedding Shaming' group of Reddit about a failed pre-wedding weekend, people were ready to hear all the juicy gossip.

Worst Bachelorette I’ll ever go to and I hardly knew the bride...

I knew this bachelorette going to be bad but man…I don’t really know the people that went and they were all really mean to each other. It seemed like everyone was miserable. Literally at a fun dance bar and we are all sitting at a table in silence.

The cutest group of very fun and pretty moms letting loose were sitting near us and came over to get everyone to start dancing (my friend and I were the only ones in the group that danced) and the MOH told them to f*ck off!

Other women dancing were dressed very fashionably but showing skin and the group stared at them while calling them all hoes. It was reeeeeally bad….

I don’t know the bride even that well but I was asked to go bc she wanted to have a bachelorette at my parents' vacation home (where while in the hot tub she was complaining that people shouldn’t have vacation homes AND HER FAMILY HAS ONE) and she doesn’t have friends. Now I know why she doesn’t.

I got everyone some fun shots to get people pumped and the bride immediately went “EWWWW IT'S GREEN.' Oh yeah. Hardly any food was bought. We had to buy our own popcorn bc they didn’t want to pay for some of it.

They didn’t drink at the bar bc they didn’t want to pay it. Hardly any plans this weekend, no cohesion, we never ate together or did really anything outside of 2 events. Oh. And we learned the bride has very little even decided for her wedding in 6 weeks...

Later, she edited the post to include more details:

ETA relation: SIL’s brother’s fiancée.

ETA2: less than 2 years into dating, my SIL’s brother wanted to buy a place. He wouldn’t put it in the fiancée’s name bc she put no money into it so she threatened to break up with him bc it showed a lack of commitment. He ended up not buying anything bc it was bad for his relationship.

Yikes...who doesn't welcome free shots with open arms and an open heart? How come nobody ever remembers to grocery shop before getting to the Airbnb? Of course, the jury of wedding shamers was eager to weigh in on this mess. Here's what people had to say:

ArtisticButterfly said:

Sounds like a train wreck! I’m sure you’re glad it’s over.

VoodooTrooper said:

Wow, the bride sounds like a miserable b*tch. I look forward to hearing about the disaster of a wedding.

digitydigitydoo said:

Wait. Wait wait. Wait. You were invited to a party for a woman you barely know because she wanted to have her party at your family’s vacation home. The word you’re looking for is: No. Or Hell No! if you need to elaborate.

cyn507 said:

You allowed yourself to go to an almost stranger’s bachelorette party, knowing you wouldn’t have any fun because….she wanted to use your parents vacation home for this snoozefest? Why?

Why would you subject yourself to that BS and why would you agree to let a bunch of strangers camp out at your parents vacation home? Not only are they cheap, they’re unorganized, bitchy and uninteresting. I couldn’t fathom subjecting myself to that.

Good luck at the wedding, everyone!

Sources: Reddit
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