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16 people share the most unfair punishment they've ever witnessed or received.

16 people share the most unfair punishment they've ever witnessed or received.


The most effective kinds of punishments are ones that fit the original crime, but sometimes parents, teachers, or employers can let a little power go to their heads...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What’s the worst punishment you’ve received or witnessed?' people were ready to reveal the funniest, craziest, or overall most painful punishments they've ever seen or endured. To all the teenagers out there who messed up, got grounded and downgraded to a phone without the internet....we're lighting a candle for you.


I made my mom mad over something, I can’t even remember what it was, and while I was gone to work she took my dog and gave it away to someone who lived out of town. This was before the internet was big, so I had no way of finding the person or contacting them. - WiseWoman54


I don’t remember exactly when, but I was around 5; I was told if I’m going to act like an animal then I shall eat my food on the ground like one. I was made to eat my breakfast sitting on the kitchen floor. Stuck with me til this day. - MuddeyWren


What I did: not clean my room (I was 8 or so)

What I got: my dad literally throwing every toy I had out the window into the trash - gimmethecarrots


There was a Boy Scout my senior year that found a pocket knife in his backpack that was left in there after a camping trip. He freaked out and immediately turned it in to the office. He was expelled and wasn’t allowed to graduate. - The_Cowboy_Killer


We could be perhaps in second grade and the school cafeteria prepared a milk soup for lunch. I didn't mind, I actually liked it for some reason at that time. But one of our classmates did not. But the teacher insisted she will eat it. But she really hated it and puked into the plate.

And mind you, we were very small village school so there were only two tables in the cafeteria next to each other (it was more like small conference room used as cafeteria during lunch) and so it was right in front of me. And because of the mess and fuss she caused, the teacher made her to eat several spoons of the milkpuke. And I've never eaten milk soup ever again. - Boredombringsthis


One time when I was about 3 years old I was at my cousins house and I found one of my cousins plushy toys and a pair of scissors, so i proceeded to hide under a desk and cut the hair a little bit shorter on the plushy, and when my mum found out she made my cousin (whose plushy it was) use the scissors to cut up my absolute favorite shirt in front of me. - F3L1Xgsxr


When I was in ninth grade I had a math assignment due on March 18th and my dad thought it was due on the 11th (all my assignments for this class were due on weekly intervals) I said it wasn’t and showed him. He flipped out and yelled at me, made me stay up to do it until like 1 or 2 am, grounded me until mid-June from everything. No contact with friends, no entertainment of any sort. I’d get home from school and do my homework then I’d just sit and do nothing until I fell asleep. - -Purple-Parker-


Got grounded for 2 years when my parents caught me smoking weed (was 16). No phone, no car, they took my box spring and bed frame, couldn’t go out. Sucked - EnvironmentalPhase28


Finally, a question I have a decent answer for! Back when I was 11 or so, I had a history teacher that was an interesting character. Whilst most of my teachers temperament varied from pretty chill to borderline psychopath, this guy was a beacon of tranquility. No matter how obnoxious the kids were being, he would talk in the calmest, slowest, almost robotic tone...and it worked a charm; everyone was terrified by his demeanor.

We get to the end of class one day and the teacher asks us to confirm that we all completed the homework he set a week ago and one girl sheepishly says she has not. Teacher pauses for a second then calm as usual, he pulls out his phone. He then proceeds to call his PREGNANT WIFE on loudspeaker in front of the entire class and explains that he will not be able to attend their scan for their unborn child because this kid didn't do their homework and they will now have to serve detention. Safe to say, we were right to be very afraid. - BackPostHeader


My mom used to read the ending to any book I bought and threaten to spoil the ending if my grades weren’t good enough. Or she would take the book outright and not give it back after a test lower than an A.

My friends and I would share books so it usually wasn’t even mine, so that sucked and I had to go buy replacement books a few times because she refused to return the book to me.

When a new Harry Potter book came out I hurried to read it before it could be taken away. It’s not like I was rewarded for good grades. I just wasn’t punished, so that was the “reward.' - mamblepamble


I was in 3rd grade and my favorite TV show was Arthur. One day I was watching it and Arthur put a sign on his door to keep his little sister out. It's said 'keep our or you're dead meat!' with a skull and crossbones under it. Fast forward a few days later and I'm sitting in my classroom. I was passing notes with another girl and at one point she passed me a picture she drew of me with a green booger coming out of my nose. It was a joke, I knew it was a joke.

So naturally, I drew a skull and crossbones and wrote you're dead meat underneath it. My teacher caught me passing it and looked at the picture. She took me out in the hallway and berated me about threatening another student and told me this was enough to get me kicked out of school. I was a super well behaved student and had never been in trouble before so I just burst into tears. She told me to knock it off and pull myself together. She sent me to the principal's office.

The principal called in the school counselor and they made photocopies of my note and told me they were going to send it home to my mom after they called her at work to tell her what I had done. When I got home from school my mom berated me and told me that she had obviously failed as a mother and basically made me feel like I had actually murdered somebody. My mom asked me where I even learned the term 'dead meat' or how to draw a skull and crossbones.

I told her I saw it on Arthur. Her face sort of softened and I think she finally realized that I was just a dumb kid and not some school shooter. They decided that they wouldn't kick me out of school but I did have to go down to the counselor's office once a week to talk about my feelings. - mamallama321


I got fired from a bar I worked at for making myself a coffee. GM saw it on the cameras, accused me of stealing stock and fired me on the spot. Of course I disputed the shit out of it and he got fired 3 weeks later. - Razarex


My mom did the famous “wash my mouth out with soap” one time. It wasn’t like A Christmas Story where she just stuck a bar of soap in my mouth but close enough. She got a wash rag soapy and bubbly enough then just pulled my tongue out of my mouth and rubbed it up and down, multiple times, rinsing in between each. I was literally just spitting everywhere on the floor for the rest of the night. It was disgusting. - B-Kong


My mother once threatened to take me to an orphanage because 'she was done with me'. We got home from the store and she sent me to my room. A few minutes later she came in with plastic grocery sacks and told me one was for socks and one was for underwear.

Said I should decide which of my toys would go to which of my brothers because the orphanage wouldn't let me bring anything else. I was given til she was done making dinner to pack and divide my stuff.

I sat in my room the rest of the night with stuff packed and toys divided. No one ever came back down the hall that night and the next day she acted like it never happened. It's a running 'joke' now that I am much older. - psychotrshman


Once got in trouble during wrestling practice and the coach made everyone on the team do naked push-ups in the shower. Except for me. I had to stand there and watch. - ShameTwo


When I was a freshman in high school my choir was invited to sing at Disneyland we spent a lot of time fundraising and I had to earn all of the money to go because my family is poor. So like a week before Disneyland progress reports go out and I for some reason have a C minus in PE.

My parents flip the f*ck out tell me I’m not going, call my choir teacher and tell her I’m not going and to give my money to somebody else, and ground me for a month. The next day at school I approach my PE teacher to find out what the fuck happened and he tells me that he made a mistake. He marked my thing wrong, he looked at the grade book wrong and he made a mistake.

He called my parents, my choir teacher called my parents, the f*cking principal called my parents, and they said no that I still couldn’t go because they weren’t going back on a punishment. - SoVerySleepy81

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