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18 people share the weirdest things they've seen as a guest in someone's home.

18 people share the weirdest things they've seen as a guest in someone's home.


While it's generally rude to do a deep dive into someone else's medicine cabinet, sometimes it can be hard to avoid noticing the box of red clown noses under the bed...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What's the weirdest thing that you've seen at someone's house that they thought was completely normal?' people were ready to share the most bizarre items, unique collections, or household habits they've seen as a guest.


Someone keeping chips and snacks in the dishwasher because they never used it - Mikklesquid


Open house. Palace of a home. Marble countertops, breathtaking country view, 5000 sq feet of luxury. Master bedroom was about 30x30 feet with king sized bed on one side.

At the foot of the bed, across the room was a raised section of floor about 6x6 feet in size, one step higher than the rest of the room. In the center of that 'podium' was just one thing.

A toilet. No master bathroom, just a throne on a podium to perch upon while (I presume) your spouse offers words of encouragement and enthusiastic applause. - freshwatergreen


When visiting my buddy's college off campus house he had a plethora of snacks in his bathroom. I asked what they were for and he said in case he got hungry - itsfoine


I have this one friend who always complains about not having enough money. The fact he's always talking about it is a little annoying, but understandable, seeing we're both just Uni students.

I went over to his place one day to hang out and it was the first time I've ever been there. Firstly, there was stuff everywhere. Aside from the floor, there was not a single uncovered surface in the house. That's not the weird part though, it's a mess, but I've seen that before.

What was really weird was the amount of $50 bills just lying around everywhere. There were more of these bills next to the TV, in the kitchen and sticking out from behind furniture than I even have. Like, they weren't in one place or anything. There'd have to be at least a grand in randomly placed cash. - themateofmates


When I was a kid, there was a boy named Jeremy in our apartment complex. I was 9 and he was a year older than I. One day he invites me over to his place to check out his comics.

When I walked in the front door, his father was sitting in his recliner watching TV. I walked up to say hi to him and didn't realize until it was too late that his father was completely naked.

I was pretty shocked and taken off guard by it. When we went upstairs I asked Jeremy, 'Why is your dad naked?' He said his dad was always naked. I never went over to Jeremy's place again. - GeoffreyLaw


My aunt has paintings of herself and her ex-boyfriend laying nude in bed. These paintings are hung in her dining room - KingHerod


I used to fix TV's for Samsung, in peoples homes. I've seen some shit. It doesn't matter who you are or how you live, if you bought one and it dies under warranty..... One place was a big Victorian house, I'm led in and see no sheetrock or plaster on the walls. Just the insulation paper between the studs.

The stud all had those little nails that used to hold the lathe, the ones that are very time consuming to remove and prevent actually nailing up some sheetrock. On these nails were hung all sorts of decorations, christmas lights, doll heads, mardi gras beads, etc covering the walls & ceiling.

Full size inflated santa in the corner. Huge 6' long fish tank. And a full grown live pig under the kitchen table. The lady was reading the paper & rubbing the pigs belly. Little girl playing some computer game among the doll heads like it's all cool. - ermockler


Porcelain dolls. There were a lot of them and they were propped up almost anywhere. On the piano, by the couch, on the dinner table. I was in New Zealand and it my first time going to a white person's house. I thought all white folks loved dolls like they did for a while.- cautioslyadventurous


I have this friend who has a lot of cats. And with a lot I mean she had at least 11 cats (and two dogs). I'm all about having pets but IMO you need to keep it to a minimum when you have a very small house, which was my friend's case.

Now why do I mention this? Well when we were about to have breakfast in her kitchen, she suddenly put two little cat bowls in the middle of the tiny table, filled with wet cat food (so you know it smells bad).

Two cats jump up and start eating out their bowls, with their tiny pinkish brown anuses just staring at me, while I tried to ignore the smell and did my best working my breakfast (scrambled eggs) down. Apparently she did so because the whole house already was filled with cat bowls and if the cats got to close to each other while eating they would start fighting.

So she deemed the kitchen table a good location. When I finally thought well it can't get worse than this, a chicken jumps up on the chair in front of me. A FREAKIN CHICKEN. It just sat there, joining us at the table.

And I swear to God my friend barely looked up. So needless to say I was quite confused and weirded out. My friend though didn't seem to think there was anything wrong or unsanitary about this. - Reesesbuttercups


I was asked to do dishes at a place I was staying, no problem. Loaded up normal dishes in the washer and started it, then started cleaning the pots in the sink. The kitchen flooded and I got yelled at (as a grown adult, by another adult, I was pissed) because 'everyone knows the kitchen floods if you run the sink and the dishwasher at the same time' and the other people in the house berated me for being so stupid.

I have done dishes like this a ton of times before and never flooded anything, and I've done it at other houses since then and never flooded. Even in my damn apartment it wasn't a problem. - [deleted]


12 year old me was having dinner at a friend's house. One of the cats was walking around in the dining room table. When it started eating off my plate I (gently) nudged it away. I really like cats and animals in general... I wasn't angry but I didn't want cat spit on my food.

My friend's mom completely lost it. She was screaming at me for, and I quote, 'interfering with the free choices of another sentient being.' She scared me half to death and I apologized but she was still yelling...It was surprising to me because they seemed like a normal suburban family; the house was clean and so on. - acorngirl


I stayed at an airbnb in Paris that had naked portraits of the host hung up all over the walls. The bedroom itself was like a kinky den, it had a discoball, heart-shaped pillows and zebra print everything.

The weirdest part was that the host slept in the floor of the kitchen while I stayed there, because clearly I was staying in his normal bedroom. - pumpkin_pasties


It was first the first time I ever slept over at a friend's house. Think I was in kindergarten or 1st grade. When it was bed time, his parents gave us empty cups with removable caps on them.

I asked my friend what they were for, and he said for peeing. Apparently his parents didn't like the idea of their kids wandering around the house at night to go to the bathroom, so we peed in cups and emptied them in the toilet in the morning. - [deleted]


Naked portrait of their mom in their dining room - PM_T*TS_4_PENS


4-5 litter boxes overflowing with cat sh*t. The worst part is that he only has 1 cat. He dedicated an entire room to be filled with cat sh*t and piss and apparently, instead of emptying the litter boxes, he just bought new ones. - oubrew


My friend from work had a male and a female mannequin standing over his living room couch. He changed their clothes to match the season.- geminian77


A friend of mine growing up would have palmetto bugs (huge roaches) in jars in their freezer. His dad wouldn't smash them because he didn't like the popping sound or the mess they made on the floor so he'd catch them in jars and put them in the freezer until they froze to death. - [deleted]


When I was ~10 I was at my best friend's house and his mom told him to go do a chore or something and he said 'no.' I was completely shocked and just blurted out 'You're allowed to say no??'

A couple days later he was mad at me because his mom wouldn't take no for an answer anymore and would say 'Well, Urist's parents don't let him say no.' - UristMasterRace

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