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21 women share the most insulting 'compliment' they've received from a man.

21 women share the most insulting 'compliment' they've received from a man.


Sometimes people are actually trying to give a compliment, and other times they're just being a creep. We think most of these people knew better, but here 21 people who shared some of their worst experiences with 'compliments.'

1. totallyrad16

“I bet you were really attractive when you were young.”

Three3Jane added:

Corollary: 'You look really good.../pause/...for your age.'

2. doubleupontongs

My partner and I were at a higher-end brunch buffet. I behaved as I usually do and our server goes, 'Does she usually eat this well, sir?'. I was horrified and thought he was referring to a pet animal.

GaiasDotter added:

I always gets judged for that. I have a higher metabolism than my partner so I eat more than him. 2-3 times as much if I have exhausted a lot of energy.

3. celestialism

Always hilarious when men say to me, 'I'd totally have sex with you if you lost some weight,' as if there's any chance in hell I'd f**k them at any weight

4. RubY-F0x

'Your hips look like they'll give birth to strong boys.' There were no coherent words that I could come up with to that 'compliment'.

[deleted] added:

I was in middle school and a boy that had a crush on me told me 'my Dad said you have good birthing hips.'

kitkattiptop added:

This just unlocked vague a memory from when I was maybe 11/12 of hearing someone (I think a teacher or a parent of a kid at the school) commenting on a classmate saying that they had 'birthing hips'. I suppose I didn't really think anything of it at the time hence why I forgot it but now as a 20 y/o my god that was f**ked!

5. MissInfer

Some stranger called me 'hot' when I was 13 and told me I could pass off as 18 when I told him how old (or young) I was. It made me sick to the stomach and he sat down next to me when we got on the train and kept talking to me.

Kit_Tyler_ added:

Something similar happened to me with a friend of my father’s.

6. GlitteringInside2

I had a guy in college tell me (in the middle of making out) that I reminded him of his mother. Broke up with him the next day. No thank you, Norman Bates.

7. [deleted]

Dude here, but, a real double whammy I just felt compelled to share…. I recently basically banished somebody for life when he made a comment to me that my 12 year old daughter looked “very well developed” and implied that she was “going to make all my hair turn gray” in the next few years.

8. pix-ie

A guy I went out with told me he was “shocked my brother is gay while having such a beautiful sister like me”... I’d hope my f**king brother wouldn’t be attracted to me under ANY circumstance, wtf..

9. Rouxwillruleyou

One time I was walking into my job, which is in a pretty not great neighborhood, and a guy yelled “hey there beautiful” at me. I gave him a look and kept walking. He followed me a few steps, and told me I should have thanked him for “the compliment”.

Told him I didn’t have to thank anyone for a “compliment” I didn’t ask for, that women didn’t particularly like unsolicited observations about their looks, and that he should probably either learn to be respectful to women or kindly f**k off.

10. sidneyriddle

'You're hot... For a ginger.' - several men actually.

11. bruhwakeup

“Even though you’re tall, you’re still pretty” and “You’re hot but too tall”

12. GaiasDotter

How brave I am for not wearing makeup. Both with and without makeup. And the reason I stopped wearing makeup is because I have severe Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) and it triggers me.

13. heathisacandybar

My ex-boyfriend used to tell me how pretty I looked when I cried. Every time I cried (many times because of his behavior). It honestly wasn’t until I got out of that relationship that I realized how fucked up that was.

14. whole_lotta_nope_503

This was said to parents of teenage girls at the college I went to. For reference, it was a private Christian college. This dude was also over 35, and liked to cheat on his wife. He literally told the parents 'your girls are beautiful, they'll make great breeders.' He was supposed to be the bible studies professor, and chapel leader.

15. pamplemouss

“You look like you’d make for an incredibly fun night but a terrible partner,” which struck at my deepest insecurities in my 20s.

16. Abroad_Loose

“You have an amazing body, but you should go to the gym to make it look better”

17. minordisaster203

I’m a resident doctor and I was recently seeing a patient in our clinic to look at an infection in his groin and I asked if I could take a look. He looked at me and goes, “you should be impressed, I haven’t taken my pants off for a pretty girl in years.” Like dude, I’m not impressed with your infected junk.

18. Sue101010

My (40F) father-in-law (85M) told me “If anything ever happens to (my husband, his son) I’ll marry you.”

19. [deleted]

I was dating a history teacher who said that no one would be embarrassed to say Thomas Jefferson bedded Sally Hemings if she looked remotely like me.

20. Total_Comb4130

I was tattled on when I was SEVENTH GRADE for my shirt being too low. Got to sent to the principals office to change. A grown ass man in his fifties told a twelve year old girl I was “well endowed for my age”

21. adylion10392

'you're not girlfriend material, you're wife material' I'd be semi-flattered by it today but it made my skin crawl to be told that by a 25 year old when I was 13

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