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10 servers who would rather you just didn't tip.

10 servers who would rather you just didn't tip.


If you're going to stiff your waiter, a little word of advice. Just do it and leave. No need for a self-righteous note. Really. Unless you just want a merciless mocking on the internet.

Tip your servers, folks.

1.) 'After I explained that our pimento cheese is supposed to be 'burnt' since it’s hard fried on the flat top to make it crispy.

She insisted that 'she had ordered it before and it wasn’t like this.' Got the burger and her app comped and still stiffed me.' -- from y2jucj

2.) 'Customers are the #1 reason there is a labor shortage.' -- from ImaginationFree6807

3.) 'A fellow server got hit tonight' -- from exitsilverlegion

4.) 'Typical Day As Server' -- from ImaginationFree6807

5.) 'Happy Thanksgiving' -- from ImaginationFree6807

6.) 'Left by a lady who didn't look at me and didn't speak to me when I asked her how everything was.' -- from Alarming_Tower_5856

7.) 'Happy Halloween' from ImaginationFree6807

8.) “Serving teenagers isn’t that bad” -- from Green_Aspect_1065

9.) 'me, an empath, sensing they wanted a lime (that we ran out of)' -- from No_Philosophy7672

10.) '''I EVEN NAMED MY SON LOGAN' yes I work here god help me' -- from Beansbeansbeansb

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