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17 employees share secrets about their jobs that they aren't allowed to tell customers.

17 employees share secrets about their jobs that they aren't allowed to tell customers.


The baked goods aren't actually 'baked fresh daily,' you can't actually chase anyone out for shoplifting, the vegan face scrub isn't technically vegan--we've all had at least one job that requires bold lies in the name of a paycheck...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What is something about the company you work for that they WOULD NOT like the customer to know?' people were ready to reveal the behind-the-scenes secrets about their job that should've been locked behind an NDA.


That our coffee is nothing more than Folgers instant and cinnamon. When people ask about the coffee because it ends up tasting pretty damn good we tell them that we brew it fresh and that we use very expensive coffee beans, it's one fucked up world we live in isn't it? - Past_Present_Fuhrer


Pizza Hut uses literally a cup of oil in all of their pan pizzas. There's an oil sprayer device in the kitchen that sprays a cup of oil into the bottom of the pan before you put the frozen frisbee of dough in to thaw. - cashcow1


If you shoplift at our store, even if we see you doing it, you can walk right out with the item and we aren't even allowed to accuse you of it. - Gred-and-Forge


If you bother us long get free sh*t. - Kevtavish


I work at a popular coffee/donut chain in Canada called Tim Horton's. Almost everything we serve in the restaurant comes from frozen. Soups, chili, donuts, muffins, chicken, steak, buns, croissants, and danishes. There is much more trust me. I just find it ironic that the place that prides itself in their 'Always Fresh' motto, is anything but. - NohaJames


All the dough we use to bake is made in a factory and delivered during the day for us to bake at night. Panera bread baker - Raiil


We keep all the card details from our customers even though we say we don't and aren't actually allowed to. - Modest_Gaslight


We've held contests no one wins. - PootieSlang


I'm an analyst and supposed to be an expert in my field. The reality is I don't know sh*t and make up most of what I do. I'm starting to think all my coworkers are this way as well. We're just professional bullsh*tters. - [deleted]


My old job occasionally involved us working in a concession stand. One time my boss came running downstairs and said 'Guys! Put the hot dog machine in the laundry room! The health inspector is here! We only sell pop and candy!' He gave us all an extra $20 from the cash box that day. I loved that job. - ocktick


That we don't recycle, even though we use recycling bins. - Barthurs


A few months ago the company I work for had a massive security breach and basically everything clients were told about it was false. - G4dsd3n


I was in hotels for ten years. Hotels consider a night perfect if they're overbooked by 2-5 rooms. They count on no-shows to make up the difference, but they're totally OK with you not having the room you reserved.

Likewise, if you booked with a third party like Expedia or, you are not guaranteed anything and will be last in line for everything because you're not considered a loyal customer. - IAMATruckerAMA


You're paying us to put your details in a form and click submit. - whitepanic


I work for a distribution center for a large grocery chain. Always wash your food, especially your fruit and vegetables. - AME94


You think you are calling to speak to someone at the hotel directly. In reality, you have reached me, sitting at home in my PJ's, watching Real Housewives on mute. - pecan76


We store all your personal details in plain text. I work for a company that sells Total Defense security software. NEVER BUY TOTAL DEFENSE IF YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR PASSWORDS AND CREDIT CARD DATA. - Computermaster

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