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7 desperate bosses who aren't having a very good weekend.

7 desperate bosses who aren't having a very good weekend.


The Reddit community Antiwork took off during the pandemic, and these days its two million plus subscribers continue to post thoughts about how work culture and office expectations need a serious reform.

On the weekends, things get particularly spicy — when employees post screenshots, text messages, and other ironclad receipts demonstrating the irrational employer anger that seems to particularly erupt when staff takes time off.

Here are seven angry bosses who aren't having a great weekend before Thanksgiving. Best of luck to them on getting more staff before the holidays.

1.) The boss who's 'too tired' to do the job.

2.) The boss who has smelled his last pine cone.

3.) The boss who has never heard of wage theft.

4.) The employer whose bluff got called immediately.

5.) Good luck to whoever has to respond to the Yelp comments.

6.) This guy who's about to get a call from HR.

7.) The franchise owner with a phone he may need to turn off soon.

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