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An early shortlist of the 13 most infuriating bosses of the year.

An early shortlist of the 13 most infuriating bosses of the year.


We know we're only a week through January, but when it comes to the highly contested title of most infuriating boss of the year — we've already got too many nominees to keep to ourselves. From Reddit's infamous Antiwork discussion board, here are 13 text messages from entitled bosses out to make lives miserable. And the nominees are...

1.) This boss after a request for a raise.

'I asked for a raise on Tuesday and received this text message yesterday morning…'

2.) The boss who fired his employee and then casually asked for a little work.

'I’m still in shock..'

3.) The boss with a bit of brain fog.

'Not the flex you think it is'

4.) The boss with a celebratory ultimatum.

'Clean or you’re fired. New owners giving off 'we own you now' vibes. They keep throwing around the word 'team.' So sick of this sh*t.'

5.) The invasive boss who got what he asked for.

'Manager told me to send my location...'

6.) The boss who took the initiative.

'My manager assuming my availability during the holidays.'

7.) The boss who tried to be nice.

'My works 'Thank you' for working New Years. Most of us live paycheck to paycheck and it takes over 6 month to be reimbursed.'

8.) The boss who replies-all.

'I sent this text to 2 people, she thought that her response was just to the other employee and not me (for background I've been asking for this day off for months and was asked to work Christmas, thanksgiving, and my 21st birthday).'

9.) The boss that's colder than a snowstorm that might kill his employee.

'Conversation between a friend of mine and his manager.'

10.) The boss who earned a nomination with even just the first response.

'My Boss T, who owns an insurance agency known for good hands fired me because my mom died and son had to QT on the same day.'

11.) The boss who must be drunk already.

'Merry Christmas, plebes.'

12.) The boss with a solve to a worker shortage.

'minimum wage scrooge employer tired of lack of devotion (cue sad violin sound)'

Here's the resulting public shaming:

And here's the apology:

13.) The boss with confidence in the cleaning staff.

'iT's YoUr ReSpOnSibiLiTy tHo 🙄😡'

Congratulations to all our nominees.

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