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People who work in cemeteries and graveyards share the creepiest things they have seen.

People who work in cemeteries and graveyards share the creepiest things they have seen.


If you think going to work is scary, imagine working in a graveyard or cemetery. Sure, the guy in the next cubicle breathes loudly and your manager discussing the weather, but at least your co-workers are alive.

Over on AskReddit, where no question is too dark to ask, people who work in graveyards and cemeteries are answering the question: "what strange and scary stuff have you witnessed?"

These 19 creepy responses will make you grateful to work a boring desk job among the living:

1.) From ullabr:

I work at a graveyard, and I just have one thing to say. Plastic.

Here in Norway graves are protected by law for 20 years, but after that the spots can be "reused". Usually a grave is fine to reopen after 20 years - the body is supposed to be decomposed and pretty much gone. Now back to plastic:

Between the 50s and 80s it was common here to be buried in plastic, to minimise "smell and leakage". I'm sure they thought it was a good idea back then, but once we started reusing graves in Norway we realised it is a curse. A lot of bodies are wrapped in plastic, and I've myself been part of what was supposed to be a burial at a reused site. The body was about 50 or 60 years old, and should be basically gone, but nope it was not, the plastic wrap it was covered by kept the body from decomposing, and it's basically just been marinated it its own juices for 50/60 years. The smell was awful, the sight was even worse.

I'm sure this is not the kind of story you wanted, but it's honestly the bost horrific and bizarre thing I've ever been part of.

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