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Doordasher sends 3-year-old kid to the door with the food; cute or terrible?

Doordasher sends 3-year-old kid to the door with the food; cute or terrible?


Over on Reddit's r/Doordash (a community for dashers and orderers both), one post has served up steaming hot controversy. A user named u/itslonelyatthetop told the story of a peculiar delivery:

Finally broke down and ordered DoorDash, a woman was assigned. Upon delivery, a little maybe three year old girl comes over to deliver the food. She sees my dogs and demands to pet them, pushes the door open and walks right in.

I don’t really care for people, or kids coming in my house. But I’ve gotta admit this was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

I walked her back to the car and she grabs my hand to hold it and she tells her mom I’m her new boyfriend.

I just said “thanks that was the best date I’ve ever had” and we all walked away.

I upped the tip, left a positive review, and even contacted DoorDash to let them know how great the delivery was. I did not mention the kid.

In a company of 100,000,000,000,000 negatives, here's a compliment. Probably made my week.

Although I do question mom's judgment, but hey, it’s not my job to police your parenting skills.

On the one hand, this is patently unsafe. On the other hand, we're hearing from the POV of someone who was obviously charmed.

This is not best practice. But what did the comments say?


Funny story. Kinda cute but yeah no way Id let my 3 yr old daughter drop off food. Much less enter a strangers house. Nothing bad on you but you just never know what kinda freaks are out there.


I'm having a hard time not judging the shit out of the mom here. Geez.


I would’ve reported her only because she is going to send her daughter up to the wrong house someday. There will be less friendly adults, dogs, etc. I would’ve tipped and such, but I would report.


It’s disgustingly exploitative and completely unsafe. Outside of that, three year olds are not supposed to be working and that’s what this mom is having her child do.

Not to mention, she’s not aware of hygienic practices. Toddlers put everything in their mouths and don’t wash their hands independently. She probably shouldn’t be handling the bags and cups, even if she’s doing it with mom.

Especially when things like hand foot and mouth disease are common in young children and easily spreadable.


Was the parent supervising this at all or just sitting out in the car? I’m all for bringing your kid along. Kids like to feel helpful. But a three year old pushing their way into a stranger’s house? I work in education. Just reading this gave me anxiety.

Yes, luckily you are not a child predator and you don’t have reactive dogs. But something is going to happen to this poor kid. If the kid isn’t old enough to have safety awareness, they still need direct supervision when “helping.”

OP responded:

Not really. She stayed in the car. It’s dark so I’m not certain, but I recall noticing she’s not even looking because of the light emitted from her phone.


Ok, I don't care how cute that is, that's dangerous and stupid as hell. You really should report it.


That's a tactic to get better tips the little girl brings the food and you feel bad and boom up the tip.


Nice outcome. I’d question the parent though. Unless you know for a fact all your offers will be to decent neighborhoods…should never take your toddler dashing with you.

This could have been extremely bad under different circumstances. Glad you're a decent individual. Admiration for walking the child back to her vehicle and keeping with her game! I’m sure she enjoyed that!


Yea, I’m not letting a toddler walk out of my house into the black abyss that is my property alone. Even if she’s not mine. I’m a parent.


Sincerely hope that little girl doesn't encounter a home with less friendly dogs.


How is this spun as a positive experience? Sending a 3 year old to a stranger’s door to deliver food to get extra tips is disgusting and scary.

What is wrong with people? Both the driver in this case pimping out his 3 year old for tips and the customer for saying how great it was and tipping extra and encouraging such behavior.

I’m scared for this little girl who is being put in very weird and dangerous situations. This driver needs to be deactivated and banned.

And call child services in them because it’s possible that a parent with such poor judgement is making other mistakes to endanger their 3 year old daughter.

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